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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Bat001 Cynopterus brachyotis (Spread,Wingspan ~35cm) Indonesia 10pcs 65 No  
Bat011 Cynopterus brachyotis (Hanging) Indonesia 2pcs 8 No  
Bat012 Cynopterus minutus (Hanging) Indonesia 10pcs 30 No  
Bat060 Cynopterus sphinx (Hanging) Indonesia 10pcs 40 No  
Bat013 Eonycteris spelaea (Hanging) Indonesia 6pcs 24 No  
Bat066 Gekko gecko (Skull) (Large) Indonesia 10pcs 28 Yes
Bat039 Hipposideros bicolor (Spread,Wingspan 25cm) Indonesia 11pcs 66 No  
Bat025 Hipposideros bicolor (Hanging) Indonesia 10pcs 35 No  
Bat044 Hipposideros bicolor (Skull) Indonesia 10pcs 20 No  
Bat002 Hipposideros diadema (Spread,Wingspan ~40cm) Indonesia 10pcs 120 No  
Bat009 Hipposideros diadema (Hanging) Indonesia 10pcs 50 Yes
Bat003 Hipposideros larvatus (Spread,Wingspan 23cm) Indonesia 10pcs 40 No  
Bat008 Hipposideros larvatus (Hanging) Indonesia 10pcs 30 No  
Bat063 Kerivoula pellucida (Spread,Wingspan 17~19cm) Indonesia 7pcs 35 No  
Bat070 Kerivoula pellucida (Hanging) Indonesia 2pcs 6 No  
Bat041 Kerivoula picta (Hanging) (Painted bat) Indonesia 10pcs 30 Yes
Bat059 Kerivoula picta (Painted bat) (Hanging-back) Indonesia 10pcs 30 No  
Bat004 Kerivoula picta (Painted bat) (Spread) Indonesia 9pcs 63 No  
Bat092 Kerivoula picta (Skeleton) (Hanging) Indonesia 10pcs 50 Yes
Bat055 Kerivoula picta (Skull) (15mm) Indonesia 10pcs 20 Yes
Bat040 Macroglossus minimus (Spread,Wingspan 22cm) Indonesia 6pcs 30 No  
Bat037 Macroglossus minimus (Hanging) Indonesia 2pcs 8 No  
Bat032 Megaderma spasma (Spread,Wingspan 27cm) Indonesia 8pcs 64 No  
Bat038 Megaderma spasma (Hanging) Indonesia 4pcs 20 No  
Bat062 Pipistrellus kuhlii (Spread,Wingspan 15cm) Indonesia 10pcs 35 No  
Bat061 Pipistrellus kuhlii (Hanging) Indonesia 10pcs 30 Yes
Bat016 Rhinolophus affinis (Spread,Wingspan 17cm) Indonesia 6pcs 30 No  
Bat034 Rhinolophus lepidus (Gray) (Spread,Wingspan 20cm) Indonesia 10pcs 35 Yes
Bat005 Rhinolophus lepidus (Orange) (Spread,Wingspan 20cm) Indonesia 10pcs 40 No  
Bat033 Rousettus leschenaulti (Hanging) Indonesia 11pcs 55 No  
Bat029 Tylonycteris pachypus (Spread,Wingspan 17cm) Indonesia 3pcs 9 No  
Bat058 Tylonycteris pachypus (Hanging) Indonesia 10pcs 20 No  
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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Bird007 Aegithina tiphia (12cm) Indonesia 10pcs 60 No  
Bird017 Aegithina tiphia (Skeleton) Indonesia 10pcs 60 No  
Bird043 Collocalia fuciphaga (Skeleton) Indonesia 10pcs 60 No  
Bird019 Coturnix coturnix japonica (Skeleton) Indonesia 10pcs 70 No  
Bird050 Lonchura leucogastroides (Skeleton) Indonesia 10pcs 60 No  
Bird027 Lonchura punctulata (Skeleton) Indonesia 10pcs 60 No  
Bird045 Lophozosterus javanicus (Skeleton) Indonesia 10pcs 60 No  
Bird048 Orthotomus ruficeps (Skeleton) Indonesia 15pcs 90 No  
Bird003 Passer montanus (Skeleton) Indonesia 9pcs 54 No  
Bird029 Prinia inornata (Skeleton) Indonesia 3pcs 18 No  
Bird016 Pycnonotus aurigaster (Skeleton) Indonesia 3pcs 24 No  
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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Crab017 Acanthonyx sp Indonesia 10pcs 50 No  
Crab036 Acanthonyx sp (E.Java) Indonesia 2pcs 10 Yes
Crab019 Calappa pelii Indonesia 10pcs 50 Yes
Calappa pelii (Small) Indonesia 10pcs 25 Yes
Crab026 Crab sp2 (E.Java) Indonesia 10pcs 50 No  
Crab025 Crab sp6 (E.Java) Indonesia 4pcs 8 No  
Crab028 Crab sp7 (E.Java) Indonesia 10pcs 25 Yes
Crab038 Crab sp8 (E.Java) Indonesia 10pcs 45 Yes
Crab034 Crab sp9 (E.Java) Indonesia 6pcs 24 No  
Crab016 Grapsus albolineatus Indonesia 10pcs 30 Yes
Crab014 Harpiosquilla raphidea Indonesia 10pcs 35 Yes
Crab013 Mantis shrimp sp1 Indonesia 10pcs 45 No  
Crab037 Masked Crab (E.Java) Indonesia 12pcs 30 No  
Crab004 Mixed seashell (E.Java) Indonesia 1000pcs 140 Yes
Crab022 Panulirus polyphagus (A2) Indonesia 5pcs 35 No  
Crab006 Parathelphusa convexa (E.Java) Indonesia 10pcs 20 Yes
Crab027 Portunus sanguinolentus (E.Java) Indonesia 10pcs 35 No  
Crab005 Purple Arm Crab (E.Java) Indonesia 5pcs 11 No  
Crab007 Sand Crab (E.Java) Indonesia 10pcs 20 Yes
Crab008 Sand Crab (Red Claw) (E.Java) Indonesia 10M 20 Yes
Crab002 Soldier crab (Spread,E.Java) Indonesia 10pcs 30 Yes
Crab031 Spider Crab sp1 (E.Java) Indonesia 11pcs 44 Yes
Crab033 Spider Crab sp2 (E.Java) Indonesia 3pcs 12 No  
Crab032 Spider Crab sp3 (E.Java) Indonesia 10pcs 40 No  
Crab010 Thenus orientalis (A2) Indonesia 9pcs 30 No  
Crab011 Uca sp2 Indonesia 10pcs 25 No  
Crab009 Vampire Crab (E.Java) Indonesia 10pcs 20 No  
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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Hem12 Catacanthus incarnatus (Man Faced) (A-/A2,Lombok Is.) Indonesia 100pcs 30 Yes
Catacanthus incarnatus (Man Faced) (Lombok Is.) Indonesia 20pcs 16 Yes
Hem03 Catacanthus nigripes (A2,Buru Is.) Indonesia 100pcs 40 No  
Hem23 Embolosterna taurus (Aceh) Indonesia 20pcs 15 No  
Hem22 Eucorysses grandis (A2) Indonesia 20pcs 5 No  
Hem06 Eurypleura bicornis Thailand 10pcs 10 Yes
Hem15 Euthenestes robustus (A-,Spread) Indonesia 10pcs 12 Yes
Euthenestes robustus (Closed) Indonesia 20pcs 12 Yes
Hem52 Hemiptera sp18 (A1/A2,Sulawesi) Indonesia 100pcs 12 No  
Hem07 Lethocerus grandis Thailand 10pcs 22 No  
Hem21 Nepa rubra (Closed) Indonesia 10pcs 14 Yes
Hem01 Oncomeris flavicornis (A2,Mt.Arfak,W.Irian) Indonesia 10pcs 10 Yes
Hem39 Pycanum oculatum Indonesia 20pcs 12 Yes
Hem05 Tectocoris diophthalmus (Peleng Is.) Indonesia 10pcs 8 No  
Hem48 Tessaratoma javanica (E.Java) Indonesia 20pcs 8 Yes
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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Hom047 Ambragaeana ambra (Spread) Thailand 10pcs 12 Yes
Hom011 Angamiana floridula (Spread) Thailand 10pcs 18 Yes
Angamiana floridula (Spread) Thailand 50pcs 80 Yes
Hom062 Aphaena submaculata submaculata (Closed) Malaysia 10pcs 20 No  
Hom001 Ayuthia spectabile (Spread) Malaysia 10pcs 20 No  
Hom046 Becquartina electa (Spread) Thailand 10pcs 16 No  
Hom058 Formotosena montivaga (Spread) Thailand 10pcs 40 No  
Hom015 Fulgora laternaria laternaria Peru 10M 60 Yes
Hom045 Gaeana cheni (Spread) Thailand 10pcs 12 No  
Hom037 Gaeana festiva (Orange) (Spread) Malaysia 10pcs 20 No  
Hom038 Gaeana festiva (White) (Spread) Malaysia 10pcs 20 No  
Hom042 Gaeana laosensis (Spread) Thailand 10pcs 12 No  
Hom060 Huechys incarnata (Spread,W.Java) Indonesia 100pcs 60 Yes
Huechys incarnata (Spread,W.Java) Indonesia 10pcs 8 Yes
Hom068 Macrotristia chantranei (Spread) Thailand 10pcs 12 No  
Hom041 Penthicodes atomaria (Spread,E.Java) Indonesia 10pcs 10 No  
Hom098 Penthicodes farinosa peleng (Spread,Peleng Is.) Indonesia 50pcs 35 Yes
Penthicodes farinosa peleng (Spread,Peleng Is.) Indonesia 10pcs 10 Yes
Hom103 Penthicodes farinosa tulia (Spread,S.Sulawesi) Indonesia 20pcs 14 No  
Hom096 Penthicodes pulchella (Spread,E.Java) Indonesia 20pcs 12 Yes
Penthicodes pulchella (Spread,E.Java) Indonesia 100pcs 40 Yes
Hom051 Penthicodes variegata (Spread) Malaysia 10pcs 12 No  
Hom053 Platypleura nobilis (Spread,W.Java) Indonesia 20pcs 10 No  
Hom007 Pomponia imperatoria (Largest of the world) Malaysia 2M 6 No  
Hom070 Pomponia intermedia (Spread,Giant !) Thailand 25pcs 45 No  
Hom084 Purana carmente (Spread.E.Java) Indonesia 10pcs 7 No  
Hom123 Pyrops astarte (White) Thailand 5pcs 8 No  
Hom025 Pyrops candelaria Thailand 10pcs 12 Yes
Hom029 Pyrops clavata mizunumai Thailand 10pcs 15 Yes
Hom108 Pyrops detanii (Spread,Peleng Is.) Indonesia 10pcs 20 No  
Hom090 Pyrops hamdjahi (A-,Spread,Peleng Is.) Indonesia 10pcs 12 No  
Hom093 Pyrops intricata (A-,Spread,Kalimantan) Indonesia 10pcs 30 No  
Hom024 Pyrops oculata Malaysia 10pcs 22 No  
Hom023 Pyrops pyrorhyncha Malaysia 10pcs 22 No  
Hom019 Pyrops spinolae Thailand 10pcs 12 Yes
Hom027 Pyrops viridirostris Thailand 9pcs 11 No  
Hom048 Saiva bullata Thailand 10pcs 10 Yes
Hom028 Saiva cardinalis Thailand 10pcs 25 Yes
Hom105 Scamandra sanguiflua (Spread,Sulawesi) Indonesia 10pcs 10 Yes
Hom004 Scamandra thetis (Spread,S.Sulawesi) Indonesia 10pcs 20 No  
Hom005 Tosena albata (Spread,E.Java) Indonesia 5pcs 10 No  
Hom130 Tosena depicta (Spread,Sumatra) Indonesia 10pcs 20 No  
Hom145 Tosena fasciata (Spread) Thailand 10pcs 20 No  
Hom035 Tosena melanoptera (Spread) Malaysia 10pcs 18 No  
Hom044 Tosena paviei (Spread) Thailand 10pcs 16 Yes
Tosena paviei (Spread) Thailand 100pcs 120 Yes
Hom014 Tosena splendida (Spread) Thailand 10pcs 20 No  
Hom036 Trengganua sybylla (Spread) Malaysia 10pcs 22 No  
Hom064 Zanna nobilis Malaysia 6pcs 9 No  
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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Hym11 Megascolia azurea (Spread,W.Java) Indonesia 6M 6 No  
Hym08 Megascolia procer (Spread,W.Java) Indonesia 10M 15 No  
Hym18 Xylocopa caerulea (Spread,W.Java) Indonesia 10M 20 Yes
Xylocopa caerulea (Spread,W.Java) Indonesia 50M 75 Yes
Xylocopa caerulea (Spread,W.Java) Indonesia 10F 20 Yes
Hym14 Xylocopa confusa (Spread,E.Java) Indonesia 10F 14 No  
Hym09 Xylocopa latipes (Spread,E.Java) Indonesia 10pcs 12 No  
Hym10 Xylocopa sp2 (Spread,Peleng Is.) Indonesia 7F 10 No  
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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Man020 Creobroter gemmatus (Spread,E.Java) Indonesia 20F 14 No  
Man025 Deroplatys desiccata (Spread,W.Java) Indonesia 10F 50 Yes
Deroplatys desiccata (A-,Spread,W.Java) Indonesia 10M 30 Yes
Man001 Deroplatys desiccata (Spread,Leaf-mimic) Malaysia 10F 50 Yes
Man002 Deroplatys lobata (Spread,Leaf-mimic) Malaysia 10M 40 Yes
Man045 Ephippiomantis ophirensis (Spread) Malaysia 10pcs 15 No  
Man058 Euchomenella heteroptera (Spread,Long neck) Indonesia 10M 25 No  
Man064 Mantidae sp1 (Spread,W.Java) Indonesia 6M 12 No  
Man012 Mixed Mantis (Spread) Malaysia 10pcs 20 No  
Man031 Parhierodula venosa (Spread,E.Java) Indonesia 4M 8 No  
Man042 Tenodera aridifolia (Spread,E.Java) Indonesia 3M 6 No  
Man010 Theopompa burmeisteri (Spread,E.Java) Indonesia 8M 15 No  
Man046 Theopompa servillei (A-,Spread,E.Java) Indonesia 7F 8 No  
Theopompa servillei (A-,Spread,E.Java) Indonesia 5M 4 No  
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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Orth10 Acridoxena hewiana (A2,Spread,Dragon head,W.Java) Indonesia 10M 15 No  
Orth13 Chondracris rosea (Spread) Indonesia 7M 18 No  
Chondracris rosea (Spread,Large) Indonesia 3F 10 No  
Orth72 Gatrimargus parvulus africanus (Spread,E.Java) Indonesia 10pcs 12 No  
Orth14 Jumping stick (Apioscelis sp) Peru 10pcs 35 No  
Orth60 Orthoptera sp19 (Spread) Malaysia 5F 23 No  
Orth21 Orthoptera sp2 (Spread,E.Java) Indonesia 10M 15 No  
Orth85 Orthoptera sp42 (Spread) Malaysia 10pcs 40 No  
Orth65 Orthoptera sp49 (Spread,W.Java) Indonesia 10pcs 10 Yes
Orth05 Orthoptera sp5 (Spread) Malaysia 10pcs 40 No  
Orth82 Panoploscelis specularis (Spiny Lobster) Peru 5P 90 No  
Orth19 Phymateus saxosus Madagascar 10pcs 18 Yes
Orth22 Pseudophyllus neriifolius (Spread,E.Java) Indonesia 6M 18 No  
Pseudophyllus neriifolius (A-,Spread,E.Java) Indonesia 4F 12 No  
Orth09 Sanaea regalis (Spread) Thailand 50P 250 Yes
Sanaea regalis (Spread) Thailand 10P 60 Yes
Orth61 Titanacris albipes (A-) Peru 6M 17 No  
Titanacris albipes Peru 10F 80 Yes
Titanacris albipes (A2) Peru 10F 40 Yes
Orth56 Tropidacris dux (A2) Peru 10F 20 Yes
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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Pha3027 Aschiphasma annulipes (Spread) Malaysia 9pcs 22 No  
Pha3022 Diesbachia tamyris (Spread) Malaysia 5P 40 Yes
Pha3041 Eurycnema versirubra (Green) (Spread) Indonesia 5F 45 No  
Pha3081 Gargantuoidea triumphalis (Spread) Malaysia 10P 40 Yes
Pha3001 Heteropteryx dilatata (Closed) Malaysia 5M 15 No  
Heteropteryx dilatata (Closed) (Heaviest of the world) Malaysia 10F 55 No  
Pha3026 Marmessoidea rosea (Spread) Malaysia 10P 60 No  
Pha3076 Mixed Winged Stick (Spread) Malaysia 10pcs 25 Yes
Pha3033 Necroscia affinis (Spread) Malaysia 10F 25 No  
Pha3053 Necroscia annulipes (Spread) Malaysia 10F 40 No  
Pha3025 Necroscia marginata (Spread) Malaysia 11M 22 No  
Necroscia marginata (Spread) Malaysia 14F 35 No  
Pha3020 Necroscia punctata (Spread) Malaysia 9M 18 No  
Necroscia punctata (Spread) Malaysia 10F 25 No  
Pha3043 Orthomeria versicolor (A-,Spread,Kalimantan) Indonesia 10F 8 Yes
Pha3080 Orthonecroscia filum (Spread) Malaysia 17pcs 56 No  
Pha3028 Phaenopharos struthioneus (Spread,pretty !) Malaysia 5F 40 Yes
Pha3013 Pharnacia biceps (A-,Closed,~20CM) Indonesia F 4 No  
Pha3052 Pharnacia sumatrana (W.Java ~20cm) Indonesia 10F 25 Yes
Pha3050 Pharnacia sumatranus (Spread) Malaysia 5pcs 25 No  
Pha3012 Phobaeticus serratipes (Closed) Malaysia 10M 30 Yes
Phobaeticus serratipes (Closed) Malaysia 10F 40 No  
Pha3029 Stheneboea repudiosa (Spread,thorny body) Malaysia 10P 40 No  
Pha3032 Tagesoidea nigrofasciata (F) (Spread) Malaysia 5F 65 Yes
Pha3007 Tirachoidea westwoodi (Large) Thailand 10F 30 No  
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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Phy002 Phyllium celebicum Thailand 10F 55 Yes
Phy001 Phyllium giganteum (Largest of the world) Malaysia 5F 85 Yes
Phy005 Phyllium jacobsoni (A2,Sumatra) Indonesia 4M 10 Yes
Phyllium jacobsoni (Sumatra) Indonesia 10F 70 Yes
Phy010 Phyllium pulchrifolium (Green) Indonesia 10F 40 Yes
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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Scor04 Baby Scorpion (E.Java) Indonesia 100pcs 30 Yes
Scor06 Buthus martensi (E.Java) Indonesia 20pcs 12 No  
Scor05 Heterometrus cyaneus (W.Java,Spread) Indonesia 10pcs 20 No  
Scor03 Heterometrus laoticus (Large) Thailand 10pcs 18 Yes
Scor02 Palamnaeus fulvipes Malaysia 10pcs 20 No  
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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Other136 Acanthophrynus coronatus (Spread,W.Java) Indonesia 10pcs 18 No  
Other100 Acanthoscurria ferina (Brazilian Rusty Birdeater) Peru 10pcs 55 Yes
Other64 Acanthoscurria juruenicola (Large,Brazilian Orange Banded) Peru 10F 80 Yes
Other66 Avicularia avicularia (Pinktoe) Peru 10F 50 No  
Other11 Callosciurus notatus (Skull 45~48mm) Indonesia 10pcs 45 Yes
Other87 Cockroach sp3 Peru 20pcs 15 No  
Other140 Dermaptera sp (E.Java) Indonesia 20pcs 12 Yes
Other125 Draco volans volans (Spread) Indonesia 10pcs 20 No  
Other22 Eurypelma spinicrus (Spread legs) Indonesia 10pcs 22 No  
Other10 Flying lizard (Draco sp.) (Red) (Spread) Indonesia 10pcs 45 No  
Other02 Flying lizard (Draco sp.) (Yellow) (Spread) Indonesia 10pcs 45 No  
Other130 Frog sp8 (Spread,E.Java) Indonesia 10F 40 Yes
Other142 Garden Spider (E.Java) Indonesia 20pcs 12 Yes
Other25 Gasteracantha arcuata (Large) Thailand 10pcs 12 Yes
Other115 Gasteracantha arcuata (W.Java) Indonesia 20pcs 14 Yes
Other88 Gasteracantha sturi (W.Java) Indonesia 20pcs 8 Yes
Other135 Gasteracantha versicolor (W.Java) Indonesia 20pcs 10 Yes
Other108 Gekko gecko (Small) Indonesia 10pcs 25 No  
Other05 Haplopelma minax (Large) Thailand 10F 65 Yes
Other28 Hypocnoctus rangunensis (Large) Thailand 10pcs 12 No  
Other30 Lizard sp (Spread,Java) Indonesia 10pcs 40 Yes
Other79 Microstigma rotundatum Peru 10pcs 25 Yes
Microstigma rotundatum Peru 50pcs 100 Yes
Other133 Millipede sp4 (E.Java,Cute) Indonesia 20pcs 12 Yes
Other20 Nephila maculata (E.Java) Indonesia 10F 14 No  
Other15 Neurobasis chinensis (Spread,E.Java) Indonesia 10M 15 Yes
Other95 Neurobasis kaupi (A2,Sulawesi) Indonesia 10pcs 9 Yes
Neurobasis kaupi (A2,Sulawesi) Indonesia 50pcs 40 Yes
Other12 Odonates sp1 (Spread,E.Java) Indonesia 10pcs 10 Yes
Odonates sp1 (Spread,E.Java) Indonesia 100pcs 80 Yes
Other13 Odonates sp2 (Spread,E.Java) Indonesia 10pcs 9 Yes
Other62 Palpares (Ant Lion) Thailand 10pcs 10 No  
Other03 Phryna grossetaitai Peru 10pcs 48 No  
Other143 Rattus norvegicus (Skull 45~50mm) Indonesia 10pcs 45 Yes
Other45 Rhacophorus reinwardti (Java,Spread) Indonesia 10M 25 No  
Other36 Scolopendra morsitans (A2,E.Java) Indonesia 10pcs 12 No  
Other23 Scolopendra subspinipes (Spread) Thailand 10pcs 110 No  
Other122 Sphenomorphus sanctus (E.Java) Indonesia 10pcs 20 No  
Other137 Spider sp (Spread,E.Java) Indonesia 10pcs 10 No  
Other33 Spider sp2 (Spread,E.Java) Indonesia 10pcs 10 No  
Other144 Suncus murinus (Skull 30~33mm) Indonesia 10pcs 30 No  
Other138 Tree Lizard (E.Java) Indonesia 10pcs 20 Yes
Other08 Tupaia javanica (Skull 42mm) Indonesia 10pcs 45 Yes

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