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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Pier4002 Anteos menippe (Orange-tipped Sulphur) Peru 50pcs 50 Yes
Anteos menippe (Orange-tipped Sulphur) Peru 10pcs 12 Yes
Pier3059 Cepora aspasia aspasia (Seram Is.) Indonesia 20pcs 15 Yes
Pier3127 Delias albertisi albertisi (Mt.Arfak,W.Irian) Indonesia 10M 25 No  
Pier3002 Delias belisama belisama (E.Java) Indonesia 100pcs 30 Yes
Pier3019 Delias bothwelli (Mt.Arfak,W.Irian) Indonesia 20pcs 10 Yes
Pier3047 Delias lemoulti (Timor Is.) Indonesia 6F 12 No  
Delias lemoulti (Timor Is.) Indonesia 16M 19 No  
Pier3034 Delias microsticha flavopicta (Mt.Arfak,W.Irian) Indonesia 10pcs 15 Yes
Pier4017 Dismorphia nemesis Peru 10pcs 14 No  
Pier4020 Eurema hecabe brenda RCA 10pcs 5 Yes
Pier3029 Hebomoia glaucippe aturia Malaysia 20M 14 No  
Hebomoia glaucippe aturia Malaysia 10F 12 Yes
Pier3005 Hebomoia glaucippe celebensis (A-,Sulawesi) Indonesia 10pcs 9 Yes
Pier3098 Hebomoia glaucippe mindorensis (Mt.Halcon,Mindoro) Philippines 20M 15 Yes
Pier3110 Hebomoia leucippe daemonis (Seram Is.) Indonesia 10pcs 25 Yes
Hebomoia leucippe daemonis (Seram Is.) Indonesia 50pcs 100 Yes
Pier3114 Pareronia valeria lutescens Malaysia 20pcs 12 No  
Pier4010 Pereute telthusa Peru 20pcs 12 Yes
Pier4016 Perrhybris lorena lorena Peru 10pcs 10 Yes
Perrhybris lorena lorena Peru 50pcs 40 Yes
Pier4008 Phoebis argante argante Peru 10pcs 12 No  
Pier4004 Phoebis philea philea Peru 10pcs 12 No  
Pier4005 Phoebis rurina rurina Peru 10pcs 12 No  
Pier4007 Phoebis trite Peru 10pcs 10 Yes
Pier4013 Pieriballia mandela apicalis Peru 50pcs 30 Yes
Pieriballia mandela apicalis Peru 10pcs 8 Yes
Pier3113 Prioneris thestylis malaccana Malaysia 20pcs 12 No  
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