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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Phy006 Phyllium bioculatum (Yellow) Malaysia F 25 No  
Phyllium bioculatum Malaysia F 15 No  
Phy002 Phyllium celebicum Thailand P 12 Yes
Phyllium celebicum Thailand 10M 30 Yes
Phyllium celebicum Thailand 10F 55 Yes
Phy003 Phyllium giganteum (Yellow,Rare,A-) Malaysia F 48 No  
Phy001 Phyllium giganteum (Largest of the world) Malaysia F 20 Yes
Phyllium giganteum (Largest of the world) Malaysia 5F 85 Yes
Phy007 Phyllium hausleithneri Malaysia F 15 No  
Phy005 Phyllium jacobsoni (Sumatra) Indonesia 10F 70 Yes
Phy010 Phyllium pulchrifolium (Green) Indonesia F 7 No  
Phyllium pulchrifolium (Green) (A-/A2) Indonesia 10F 20 Yes
Phy012 Phyllium pulchrifolium (Orange,Rare) (E-Java) Indonesia F 20 No  
Phy011 Phyllium pulchrifolium (Yellow) (E-Java) Indonesia F 12 No  
Phy008 Phyllium siccifolium Malaysia F 15 No  
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