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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Pha3027 Aschiphasma annulipes (Spread) Malaysia 9pcs 22 No  
Pha3079 Calvisia clarissima (Spread) Malaysia M 12 No  
Pha3049 Cotylosoma carlottae Solomon F   No  
Pha3022 Diesbachia tamyris (Spread) Malaysia P 15 Yes
Diesbachia tamyris (Spread) Malaysia 5P 40 No  
Pha3077 Eurycantha horrida (Ghost !) P.N.G. F   No  
Eurycantha horrida (Ghost !) P.N.G. M   No  
Pha3019 Eurycnema goliath (Mapia,W.Irian Giant) Indonesia F   No  
Pha3041 Eurycnema versirubra (Green) (Spread) Indonesia 3F 27 No  
Pha3058 Extatosoma popa carlbergi (Mapia,W.Irian) Indonesia F   No  
Pha3002 Extatosoma popa popa (Mapia,W.Irian) Indonesia F   No  
Extatosoma popa popa (Mapia,W.Irian) Indonesia M   No  
Pha3081 Gargantuoidea triumphalis (Spread) Malaysia P 8 Yes
Gargantuoidea triumphalis (Spread) Malaysia 10P 40 Yes
Pha3024 Haaniella grayi (A-,Spread,Kalimantan) Indonesia M 4 Yes
Pha3001 Heteropteryx dilatata (Closed) Malaysia 5M 15 No  
Heteropteryx dilatata (Closed) (Heaviest of the world) Malaysia F 8 Yes
Heteropteryx dilatata (Closed) (Heaviest of the world) Malaysia 10F 55 Yes
Pha3030 Heteropteryx dilatata (Spread) Malaysia M 7 Yes
Heteropteryx dilatata (Spread) (A2) Malaysia F 5 Yes
Pha3026 Marmessoidea rosea (Spread) Malaysia 10P 60 No  
Pha3076 Mixed Winged Stick (Spread) Malaysia 10pcs 25 Yes
Pha3033 Necroscia affinis (Spread) Malaysia 10F 25 No  
Pha3053 Necroscia annulipes (Spread) Malaysia 10F 40 No  
Pha3025 Necroscia marginata (Spread) Malaysia 11M 22 No  
Necroscia marginata (Spread) Malaysia 14F 35 No  
Pha3020 Necroscia punctata (Spread) Malaysia 9M 18 No  
Necroscia punctata (Spread) Malaysia 10F 25 No  
Pha3043 Orthomeria versicolor (A-,Spread,Kalimantan) Indonesia 10F 8 Yes
Pha3080 Orthonecroscia filum (Spread) Malaysia 17pcs 56 No  
Pha3028 Phaenopharos struthioneus (Spread,pretty !) Malaysia F 10 Yes
Phaenopharos struthioneus (Spread,pretty !) Malaysia 5F 40 Yes
Pha3013 Pharnacia biceps (A-,Closed,~20CM) Indonesia F 4 No  
Pha3052 Pharnacia sumatrana (W.Java ~20cm) Indonesia 10F 25 Yes
Pha3050 Pharnacia sumatranus (Spread) Malaysia 5pcs 25 No  
Pha3044 Phasma gigas (Giant,Spread,Halmahera) Indonesia F 25 No  
Pha3012 Phobaeticus serratipes (Closed) Malaysia 10M 30 Yes
Phobaeticus serratipes (Closed) Malaysia 10F 40 No  
Pha3042 Pseudodiacantha macklottii (Spread,E.Java) Indonesia F 6 No  
Pha3029 Stheneboea repudiosa (Spread,thorny body) Malaysia 10P 40 No  
Pha3009 Stick sp16 (A2,Spread,Buru Is.) Indonesia F 4.5 Yes
Pha3032 Tagesoidea nigrofasciata (Spread) Malaysia M 6 No  
Tagesoidea nigrofasciata (F) (Spread) Malaysia F 18 Yes
Tagesoidea nigrofasciata (F) (Spread) Malaysia 5F 65 Yes
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