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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Parna97 Parnassius acco gemmifer (Kangmar-SE 80KM,5000M) Tibet F 15 Yes
Parna93 Parnassius acco gemmifer (Kampa-Dzong,near Sikkim,5000M) Tibet F 15 Yes
Parna105 Parnassius acco gloria (Zhongba,5000M) Tibet F 15 Yes
Parna103 Parnassius acco goergneri (A2,Lasa-SW 50KM,5000M) Tibet P 15 Yes
Parna102 Parnassius acco gyanglaputsai (Sage-SE 35KM,5000M) Tibet F 15 Yes
Parna98 Parnassius acco jirinae (S-Lasa,4800M) Tibet F 15 Yes
Parna95 Parnassius acco mirabilis (Yung-La Pass,5200M) Tibet F 15 Yes
Parna96 Parnassius acco mirabilis (KaroLa Pass,5200M) Tibet F 15 Yes
Parna94 Parnassius acco mirabilis (South Gyantse,5300M) Tibet F 15 Yes
Parna89 Parnassius schultei hiromiae (Monda-La Pass,5300M) Tibet P 90 Yes
Parna91 Parnassius schultei hiromiae (South Kulagangri,5200M) Tibet P 90 Yes
Parna90 Parnassius schultei shibasakii (Kangmar-SE 80KM,5200M) Tibet P 90 Yes
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