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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Papilio4018 Eurytides agesilaus autosilaus Peru 10M 10 Yes
Eurytides agesilaus autosilaus Peru 50M 40 Yes
Papilio4002 Eurytides dolicaon deileon Peru 10M 15 Yes
Papilio4003 Eurytides harmodius harmodius Peru 100M 60 Yes
Eurytides harmodius harmodius Peru 10M 10 Yes
Eurytides harmodius harmodius Peru 50M 40 Yes
Papilio4042 Eurytides lacandones diores Peru 100M 80 Yes
Eurytides lacandones diores Peru 10M 12 Yes
Papilio4031 Eurytides pausianus Peru 10M 12 Yes
Papilio4020 Eurytides serville serville Peru 4M 4 No  
Papilio4032 Eurytides thyastes thyastinus Peru 10M 16 No  
Papilio4057 Graphium antheus RCA 20M 12 No  
Papilio4058 Graphium latreillianus theorini RCA 20M 12 Yes
Graphium latreillianus theorini RCA 100M 50 Yes
Papilio4050 Graphium leonidas (Veined Swordtail) RCA 20M 12 Yes
Papilio4062 Graphium policenes RCA 20M 10 Yes
Papilio4066 Graphium ridleyanus RCA 20M 15 No  
Papilio4046 Graphium tynderaeus (Electric green swordtail) RCA 10M 12 No  
Papilio4061 Graphium ucalegonides RCA 10M 20 No  
Papilio4008 Papilio anchisiades Peru 10M 12 Yes
Papilio4036 Papilio antenor (Madagascar giant swallowtail) Madagascar F 7 No  
Papilio antenor (A2) Madagascar 6F 12 No  
Papilio4041 Papilio antimachus (Largest of Africa) RCA M 25 No  
Papilio antimachus (A2) RCA 10M 80 No  
Papilio4023 Papilio aristeus bitias Peru 10M 15 Yes
Papilio4052 Papilio bromius bromius RCA 20M 14 No  
Papilio4055 Papilio cynorta cynorta RCA 20M 9 Yes
Papilio4059 Papilio dardanus (Flying handkerchief) RCA 20M 15 No  
Papilio4060 Papilio gallienus (Narrow-banded swallowtail) RCA 20M 10 Yes
Papilio4056 Papilio hesperus (Emperor Swallowtail) RCA M 4 Yes
Papilio hesperus (Emperor Swallowtail) RCA 10M 22 Yes
Papilio4024 Papilio isidorus isidorus Peru 10M 12 Yes
Papilio4016 Papilio lycophron phanias Peru 10M 15 No  
Papilio4048 Papilio mechowianus RCA 10M 15 Yes
Papilio4053 Papilio nireus (Green-banded swallowtail) RCA 20M 12 No  
Papilio4051 Papilio phorcas congoanus (Apple-green swallowtail) RCA 20M 15 No  
Papilio4009 Papilio thoas cinyras (King Swallowtail) Peru 10M 16 Yes
Papilio4010 Papilio torquatus torquatus Peru 10M 15 No  
Papilio4040 Papilio zalmoxis (A-,Giant Blue Swallowtail) RCA M 9 No  
Papilio4081 Parides erlaces Peru 10M 14 No  
Papilio4014 Parides sesostris Peru 10pcs 12 No  
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