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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Orth26 Ancylecha fenestrata (Spread) Malaysia F 9 No  
Orth49 Aularches punctatus (Spread,E.Java) Indonesia 12M 36 No  
Orth13 Chondracris rosea (Spread) Indonesia 10M 30 No  
Orth14 Jumping stick (Apioscelis sp) Peru 3pcs 10 No  
Orth79 Lesina sp (A-,Rare) Malaysia F 9 Yes
Orth01 Lophacris cristata (Rose Winged Hopper) Peru 10F 50 No  
Orth11 Macrolyristes corporalis (A2,Giant !! Closed) Malaysia M 15 Yes
Orth24 Macrolyristes sp1 (Giant !! Closed) Malaysia F 40 Yes
Orth23 Macrolyristes sp2 (A2 Giant !! Closed) Malaysia F 15 Yes
Orth25 Macrolyristes sp3 (Giant !! Closed) Malaysia 5F 120 No  
Orth87 Macrolyristes sp3 (Spread) (Giant !!) Malaysia F 45 Yes
Orth59 Onomarchus uninotatus (Spread) Malaysia 10F 70 No  
Orth77 Orthoptera sp Tanzania 30pcs 20 Yes
Orth34 Orthoptera sp1 (A2,Spread) Malaysia F 4.5 No  
Orth20 Orthoptera sp13 (Spread,Wingspan ~20cm) Malaysia 5F 60 No  
Orth29 Orthoptera sp18 (Spread) Malaysia 10F 35 No  
Orth89 Orthoptera sp19 Malaysia 5pcs 35 Yes
Orth21 Orthoptera sp2 (Spread,E.Java) Indonesia 6F 12 No  
Orthoptera sp2 (Spread,E.Java) Indonesia 10M 15 Yes
Orth27 Orthoptera sp20 (Spread) Malaysia M 8 Yes
Orth30 Orthoptera sp24 (A2) Malaysia P 6 No  
Orth39 Orthoptera sp27 (A-,Spread) Malaysia M 8 No  
Orth02 Orthoptera sp3 (A-,Spread,W.Java) Indonesia 3pcs 8 No  
Orth43 Orthoptera sp33 (Spread) Malaysia F 6 No  
Orth48 Orthoptera sp36 Malaysia 10pcs 32 Yes
Orth90 Orthoptera sp4 Tanzania 10F 15 Yes
Orthoptera sp4 Tanzania 10M 10 Yes
Orth53 Orthoptera sp41 (Rare,Closed) Malaysia M 8 Yes
Orthoptera sp41 (Rare,Closed) Malaysia F 18 No  
Orth85 Orthoptera sp42 (Spread) Malaysia 6pcs 24 Yes
Orth84 Orthoptera sp44 (Spread) Malaysia 7pcs 28 Yes
Orth82 Panoploscelis specularis (A-,Spiny Lobster) Peru 10F 72 No  
Orth70 Phalaca sp (Spread,Peleng Is.) Indonesia 5pcs 15 No  
Orth74 Phymateus aegrotus Tanzania 10pcs 25 No  
Orth19 Phymateus saxosus (Closed,A2) (Rainbow Milkweed Locust) Madagascar 10pcs 9 Yes
Orth80 Phymateus saxosus (Spread) (A1/A2) Madagascar 10pcs 20 Yes
Orth03 Pseudophyllus hercules (A2 Giant !!) Thailand 2F 6 No  
Orth22 Pseudophyllus neriifolius (Spread) Malaysia 10pcs 60 No  
Orth16 Sanaea intermedia (Spread) Malaysia M 9 No  
Orth09 Sanaea regalis (Spread) Thailand P 8 No  
Orth04 Siliquofera grandis (Largest Katydid) P.N.G. F   No  
Orth05 Systella platyptera (Spread) Malaysia 16pcs 64 No  
Orth50 Tegra novaehollandiae (Spread) Malaysia 10F 60 No  
Orth61 Titanacris albipes Peru F 12 No  
Titanacris albipes Peru 10F 80 No  
Titanacris albipes Peru 10M 35 No  
Orth35 Trachyzulpha fruhstorferi (Spread) Malaysia M 12 No  
Orth28 Trigonopteryx celebesia (Spread,Sulawesi) Indonesia 9pcs 27 No  
Orth56 Tropidacris dux (Largest grasshopper) Peru F 6 No  
Tropidacris dux (Largest grasshopper) Peru 10F 40 Yes
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