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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Nymph4180 Adelpha lara Peru 10M 10 Yes
Nymph4014 Agrias amydon tryphon Peru M 12 No  
Nymph4030 Agrias beata beata (Satipo) Peru M 20 Yes
Agrias beata beata (Satipo) Peru F 30 Yes
Agrias beata beata (Satipo) Peru 5M 80 Yes
Agrias beata beata (Satipo) Peru 5F 80 Yes
Nymph4042 Agrias beata stuarti (A-) Peru M 40 Yes
Nymph4013 Agrias claudina lugens (A2) Peru M 6 Yes
Nymph4086 Anaea philumena Peru 10M 10 Yes
Nymph4026 Asterope leprieuri philotima (Leprieur's Glory) Peru 50M 100 Yes
Asterope leprieuri philotima (Leprieur's Glory) Peru 10M 25 Yes
Nymph4118 Asterope markii davisii Peru 10M 30 Yes
Nymph4006 Callicore aegina Peru 10pcs 15 No  
Nymph4054 Callicore cynosura Peru 10pcs 18 No  
Nymph4053 Callicore eunomia Peru 10pcs 16 Yes
Nymph4131 Charaxes ameliae (Blue-spotted) RCA 10M 25 No  
Nymph4145 Charaxes brutus angustus (White-barred emperor) RCA 20M 16 No  
Nymph4144 Charaxes castor (Giant Emperor) RCA 10M 25 No  
Nymph4135 Charaxes etesipe etesipe (Savannah Charaxes) RCA 20M 12 Yes
Nymph4139 Charaxes eudoxus mechowi (A-) RCA M 5.5 Yes
Nymph4134 Charaxes hildebrandti hildebrandti RCA 20M 10 Yes
Nymph4129 Charaxes imperialis RCA 10M 22 No  
Nymph4149 Charaxes nichetes (Manx Charaxes) RCA 10M 25 Yes
Nymph4124 Charaxes nobilis nobilis RCA M 12 Yes
Nymph4127 Charaxes smaragdalis (Western Blue Charaxes) RCA 10M 18 No  
Nymph4137 Charaxes subornatus (Ornate green) RCA 20M 12 Yes
Charaxes subornatus (Ornate green) RCA 100M 50 Yes
Nymph4299 Crenis pechuelli (Harlequin Butterfly) RCA 10pcs 12 No  
Nymph4182 Cymothoe coccinata (Red glider) RCA 10M 16 No  
Nymph4164 Cymothoe consanguis (Cream glider) RCA 20M 10 Yes
Nymph4154 Cymothoe diphia RCA 20M 10 Yes
Cymothoe diphia RCA 100M 40 Yes
Nymph4170 Cymothoe hesiodotus (Orange lurid glider) RCA 10M 12 Yes
Nymph4169 Cymothoe hypata (Large lurid glider) RCA 20M 15 Yes
Nymph4157 Cymothoe lurida RCA 10M 12 Yes
Nymph4155 Cymothoe reinholdi RCA 20pcs 15 Yes
Nymph4168 Cymothoe sangaris (Red glider) RCA 10M 15 No  
Nymph4158 Cymothoe theobene RCA 20M 12 Yes
Nymph4009 Diaethria clymena (Cramer's 88) Peru 10pcs 12 Yes
Diaethria clymena (Cramer's 88) Peru 100pcs 100 Yes
Nymph4002 Doxocopa cherubina Peru 10M 14 Yes
Nymph4178 Doxocopa cyane Peru 10M 13 Yes
Nymph4087 Historis acheronta Peru 10pcs 10 Yes
Nymph4057 Historis odius orion Peru 50M 50 Yes
Historis odius orion Peru 10M 12 Yes
Nymph4022 Hypanartia lethe Peru 10pcs 10 Yes
Nymph4174 Hypolimnas anthedon RCA 20M 10 Yes
Nymph4175 Hypolimnas bartelotti RCA 20M 12 Yes
Nymph4016 Hypolimnas dexithea Madagascar MorF 6 Yes
Nymph4167 Hypolimnas dinarcha RCA 10M 12 Yes
Nymph4173 Hypolimnas dubius RCA 20M 12 Yes
Nymph4104 Marpesia coresia Peru 10pcs 12 Yes
Nymph4003 Marpesia corinna Peru 10pcs 12 Yes
Nymph4001 Napeocles jucunda (Blue Hookwing) Peru 10pcs 40 Yes
Nymph4209 Palla publius (Andromorph palla) RCA 10M 12 Yes
Palla publius (Andromorph palla) RCA 50M 50 Yes
Nymph4206 Palla ussheri RCA 50M 50 Yes
Palla ussheri RCA 10M 12 Yes
Nymph4213 Palla violinitens RCA 10M 12 Yes
Nymph4028 Panacea prola (Red Flasher) (Cusco) Peru 10M 16 No  
Nymph4252 Paulogramma peristera Peru 10pcs 13 Yes
Nymph4295 Prepona amphimachus Colombia P 8 Yes
Prepona amphimachus Colombia 10pcs 25 Yes
Prepona amphimachus Colombia 50pcs 90 Yes
Nymph4163 Salamis cacta (Lilac beauty) RCA 20M 10 Yes
Nymph4160 Salamis parhassus (Mother-of-Pearl) RCA 10M 15 No  
Nymph4082 Siderone marthesia (A-) Peru 5M 32 Yes
Nymph4027 Siproeta epaphus Peru 50pcs 50 Yes
Siproeta epaphus Peru 10pcs 12 Yes
Nymph4034 Smyrna blomfieldia Peru 10pcs 12 Yes
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