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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Nymph3004 Agatasa calydonia calydonia Malaysia M 7 No  
Nymph3068 Cethosia biblis insularis (Marinduque) Philippines 20pcs 13 Yes
Nymph3018 Cethosia biblis perakana Malaysia 20pcs 15 Yes
Nymph3024 Charaxes distanti distanti Malaysia 20pcs 12 Yes
Nymph3055 Charaxes orilus orilus (Timor Is.) Indonesia P 20 Yes
Nymph3088 Cirrochroa tyche mithila Thailand 20pcs 10 Yes
Nymph3092 Cupha arias arias (Marinduque) Philippines 20pcs 12 Yes
Nymph3074 Cyrestis cassander cassander (Marinduque Is.) Philippines 20pcs 12 Yes
Nymph3109 Dichorragia ninus ninus (Seram Is.) Indonesia 10M 15 Yes
Nymph3051 Doleschallia bisaltide (Marinduque Is.) Philippines 20pcs 13 Yes
Nymph3061 Elymnias esaca (W.Java) Indonesia M 10 Yes
Nymph3085 Hestina divona (Sulawesi) Indonesia 20pcs 12 Yes
Nymph3020 Hypolimnas bolina philippensis (Marinduque Is.) Philippines 20pcs 12 Yes
Nymph3043 Kallima inachus chinensis (Yaan,Sichuan) China 10pcs 25 No  
Nymph3073 Lexias pardalis jadeitina Thailand 10P 15 Yes
Nymph3014 Parthenos sylvia lilacinus Malaysia 10pcs 12 No  
Nymph3120 Polyura jalysus Malaysia 20pcs 10 No  
Nymph3079 Polyura jupiter (Ambon Is.) Indonesia M 10 Yes
Nymph3059 Sasakia charonda coreana (FuShun,Liaoning) China 50pcs 50 Yes
Sasakia charonda coreana (FuShun,Liaoning) China 10pcs 12 Yes
Nymph3077 Vindula arsinoe rebeli (Mt.Arfak,W.Irian) Indonesia 20pcs 12 Yes
Nymph3045 Vindula dejone celebensis (S.Sulawesi) Indonesia 20pcs 12 Yes
Nymph3066 Yoma sabina nimbus (S.Sulawesi) Indonesia 20pcs 10 Yes
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