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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Moth3074 Acherontia lachesis (Death Head Moth) (Aceh) Indonesia MorF 6 No  
Moth3022 Acherontia lachesis (Death Head Moth)(E.Java) Indonesia MorF 6 No  
Moth3005 Acherontia styx Thailand MorF 6 No  
Moth3001 Actias maenas (E.Java) Indonesia M 15 Yes
Actias maenas (E.Java) Indonesia F 10 Yes
Moth3010 Actias selene (The largest A.selene) Thailand P 12 No  
Moth3082 Alcides agathyrsus (Mt.Arfak,W.Irian) Indonesia 10pcs 40 No  
Moth3033 Alcides orontes (Seram Is.) Indonesia 10pcs 40 No  
Moth3011 Antheraea helferi javanus (E.Java) Indonesia M 5 Yes
Antheraea helferi javanus (E.Java) Indonesia F 5 Yes
Antheraea helferi javanus (E.Java) Indonesia 10F 30 Yes
Antheraea helferi javanus (E.Java) Indonesia 10M 30 Yes
Moth3002 Attacus atlas Thailand 10P   No  
Moth3092 Attacus dohertyi (A-,Timor Is.) Indonesia M 5.5 No  
Moth3028 Attacus edwardsii (A-) Thailand M 9 No  
Moth3032 Attacus lorquinii (A-,Marinduque) Philippines M 5 Yes
Moth3013 Coscinocera anteus (Mapia,W.Irian) Indonesia M   No  
Moth3012 Coscinocera hercules (Mt.Arfak,W.Irian) Indonesia F   No  
Coscinocera hercules (A2,Mt.Arfak,W.Irian) Indonesia M   No  
Moth3062 Epicopeia polydora (Rare,Mimicry) Thailand M 15 No  
Epicopeia polydora (A2,Rare,Mimicry) Thailand F 12 No  
Moth3108 Erasmia pulchera chinensis Thailand MorF 6 Yes
Erasmia pulchera chinensis Thailand 10pcs 45 Yes
Erasmia pulchera chinensis Thailand 50pcs 150 Yes
Moth3073 Eterusia repleta Thailand P 6 Yes
Eterusia repleta Thailand 10M 20 Yes
Moth3079 Lyssa zampa (Kelang Is.) Indonesia 10pcs 25 Yes
Moth3064 Milionia celebensis (Sulawesi) Indonesia 10pcs 30 Yes
Moth3120 Milionia drucei (Sulawesi) Indonesia 10pcs 40 Yes
Moth3046 Mixed Sphingidae (E.Java) Indonesia 100pcs 40 Yes
Moth3026 Samia luzonica (Marinduque Is.) Philippines 10pcs 12 Yes
Samia luzonica (Marinduque Is.) Philippines 50pcs 50 Yes
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