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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Morph022 Morpho absoloni (A-,Cusco) Peru M 40 No  
Morpho absoloni (A2,Cusco) Peru 4M 76 No  
Morph029 Morpho adonis adonis (A-) Brazil 30M 150 Yes
Morpho adonis adonis (A-) Brazil 10M 60 Yes
Morph026 Morpho adonis huallaga (F) Peru F 20 No  
Morph005 Morpho aega Brazil 10M 50 No  
Morph052 Morpho amphitryon amphitryon (A2,Oxapampa) Peru 5M 50 Yes
Morpho amphitryon amphitryon (A-,Oxapampa) Peru 5M 80 Yes
Morph017 Morpho anaxibia (A2) Brazil 13M 104 No  
Morph024 Morpho aurora aureola (A-,Satipo) Peru M 7 No  
Morpho aurora aureola (A2,Satipo) Peru 10M 30 No  
Morph011 Morpho catenaria Brazil M 7 No  
Morpho catenaria Brazil 10pcs 50 No  
Morph006 Morpho cisseis gahua (Blue) (A2) Peru 5M 30 Yes
Morph027 Morpho cisseis gahua (Orange) (A-) Peru 18M 115 No  
Morph045 Morpho cypris chrysonicus (A2) Ecuador M 30 No  
Morph002 Morpho cypris cypris (A-) Colombia 5M 160 No  
Morph025 Morpho deidamia briseis (A-) Peru 10M 45 No  
Morpho deidamia briseis (F) Peru F 12 No  
Morpho deidamia briseis (F) Peru 10F 90 No  
Morph001 Morpho didius (A-) Peru 10M 60 No  
Morpho didius (F) Peru F 20 No  
Morph008 Morpho godarti assarpai (Chontachaca,Cusco) Peru 10M 70 No  
Morph004 Morpho helena Peru F 70 No  
Morpho helena Peru 5F 250 No  
Morpho helena (A-) Peru 5M 180 No  
Morph023 Morpho helenor carillensis Costa Rica 10pcs 70 No  
Morph054 Morpho helenor montezuma (A-) Guatemala F 7 No  
Morph055 Morpho helenor theodorus Peru 10F 70 No  
Morph048 Morpho hercules diadema (A-) Brazil 10M 64 Yes
Morph031 Morpho luna (A-) Mexico 10M 60 No  
Morph020 Morpho menelaus alexandrovna (A2,Cusco) Peru 10M 38 No  
Morph003 Morpho menelaus huebneri (A-) Brazil 10M 60 No  
Morph047 Morpho menelaus julanthiscus (Amazonas) Peru 10M 80 No  
Morph016 Morpho patroclus orestes (A-) Peru 10M 44 Yes
Morpho patroclus orestes (F) Peru 10F 60 No  
Morph043 Morpho peleides peleides (A2) Colombia 4F 12 No  
Morph010 Morpho rhetenor cacica (A2) Peru M 20 No  
Morpho rhetenor cacica (F) (A-) Peru F 56 No  
Morph021 Morpho rhetenor cacica f.paradisiaca (Satipo) Peru 2M 80 No  
Morph009 Morpho sulkowskyi (A-,Cusco) Peru M 9 No  
Morpho sulkowskyi (F) (A-,Cusco) Peru F 9 No  
Morph028 Morpho telemachus foucheri Peru M 7 No  
Morpho telemachus foucheri (A-) Peru 10M 36 No  
Morpho telemachus foucheri (F) Peru 6F 36 No  
Morph035 Morpho telemachus telemachus (Blue) Brazil M 18 No  
Morph049 Morpho theseus amphitrion (A-) Peru M 20 No  
Morph044 Morpho theseus juturna (A2,San Martin) Peru M 12 No  
Morph050 Morpho uraneis eugenia (A-) Brazil 10M 90 No  
Morph019 Morpho zephyritis (A-,Cusco) Peru M 8 No  
Morpho zephyritis (Cusco) Peru 10M 85 No  
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