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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Man076 Bolbe pygmaea (Spread,Smallest of the world) Malaysia MorF 5 No  
Man061 Caliris elegans (Rare,Spread) Malaysia F 25 No  
Man073 Ceratocrania macra (Spread,Rare) Malaysia F 15 No  
Ceratocrania macra (A2,Spread) Malaysia M 2.5 No  
Man021 Choeradodis columbica Peru M   No  
Man020 Creobroter gemmatus (Spread,E.Java) Indonesia 20F 14 Yes
Creobroter gemmatus (Spread,E.Java) Indonesia 100F 55 Yes
Man001 Deroplatys desiccata (Spread,Leaf-mimic) Malaysia 9F 45 No  
Man002 Deroplatys lobata (Spread,Leaf-mimic) Malaysia 10F 45 No  
Man067 Deroplatys trigonodera (Spread,Rare) Malaysia F 25 No  
Man045 Ephippiomantis ophirensis (Spread) Malaysia 10pcs 15 No  
Man034 Hierodula patellifera (Brown) (Spread,E.Java) Indonesia 10pcs 20 Yes
Man026 Hymenopus coronatus (Spread,Orchid Mantis) Malaysia P 20 No  
Man080 Idolomantis diabolica (A2,Giant Devil's Flower Mantis) Tanzania M 12 Yes
Idolomantis diabolica (Giant Devil's Flower Mantis) Tanzania F 25 Yes
Idolomantis diabolica (Giant Devil's Flower Mantis) Tanzania 20F 300 Yes
Idolomantis diabolica (Giant Devil's Flower Mantis) Tanzania 5F 100 Yes
Man013 Mantidae sp10 (Spread) Malaysia M 4 No  
Man055 Mantidae sp2 (Spread) Malaysia M 3 No  
Man057 Mantidae sp22 (A2,Rare) Malaysia F 5 No  
Man060 Mantidae sp33 (Spread,Rare) Malaysia MorF 5 No  
Man062 Mantidae sp35 (Spread) Malaysia F 5 No  
Man063 Mantidae sp36 (Rare) Malaysia MorF 30 No  
Man072 Mantidae sp41 (Spread,Rare) Malaysia F 10 No  
Man005 Metallyticus splendidus (Sumatra) Indonesia M 6 No  
Man069 Oestomantis bacillaris (A-,Spread,E.Java) Indonesia F 9 No  
Man066 Parablepharis kuhlii (Spread,Rare,Kalimantan) Indonesia M 12 No  
Man043 Paratoxodera borneana Malaysia F 20 No  
Man035 Paratoxodera cornicollis (Largest Mantis of the world) Malaysia F 100 No  
Man038 Paratoxodera sp1 Malaysia F 25 No  
Man065 Parymenopus davisoni (Spread) Malaysia F 25 No  
Man054 Theopompa servillei (Spread) Malaysia 14M 21 No  
Man006 Theopropus elegans (A-,Spread) Malaysia F 6 No  
Man033 Toxodera fimbriata (A2) Malaysia F 8 No  
Man036 Toxodera sp1 Malaysia F 15 No  
Man023 Toxodera sp2 (Rare) Malaysia F 50 No  
Man024 Toxodera sp3 Malaysia F 20 No  
Man041 Toxodera sp7 (Rare) Malaysia F 40 No  
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