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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Lycae037 Arcas imperialis (A-) Peru M 9 No  
Lycae010 Arhopala hercules (Peleng Is.) Indonesia 12pcs 60 No  
Lycae018 Arophala aedias (W.Java) Indonesia 10pcs 20 No  
Lycae014 Arophala anarte (A2,W.Java) Indonesia M 5 Yes
Lycae047 Cerautola ceraunia (A2) RCA F 4 No  
Lycae023 Dacalana anysiades (Sulawesi) Indonesia 4pcs 8 Yes
Lycae021 Deudorix epijarbas (W.Java) Indonesia 10pcs 20 No  
Lycae045 Epitola elais (A-) RCA M 8 No  
Lycae043 Epitola honorius (A2) RCA F 3.5 No  
Lycae044 Epitola urania (A2) RCA M 3.5 No  
Lycae050 Eumaeus minyas Peru M 4 No  
Lycae036 Evenus floralia (A2) Peru M 4.5 No  
Lycae039 Evenus gabriela Peru M 8 No  
Lycae020 Heliophorus epicles (E.Java) Indonesia 10pcs 13 No  
Lycae042 Hewitsonia kirbyi (A2) RCA F 3.5 No  
Lycae035 Lycaenidae sp Thailand 10pcs 15 No  
Lycae012 Manto hypoleuca hypoleuca (E.Java) Indonesia F   No  
Manto hypoleuca hypoleuca (E.Java) Indonesia M 6 No  
Lycae011 Poritia erycinoides (E.Java) Indonesia 10F 20 Yes
Lycae038 Pseudolycaena marsyas (A-) Peru P 9 No  
Lycae024 Rapala dioetas (Sulawesi) Indonesia 10pcs 20 Yes
Lycae025 Tajuria cyrillus (Sulawesi) Indonesia 10pcs 40 Yes
Lycae008 Tajuria iapix (C.Sulawesi) Indonesia 10pcs 20 Yes
Lycae009 Tajuria mantra (C.Sulawesi) Indonesia 10pcs 30 No  
Lycae001 Thecla coronata (Largest of the world) Ecuador F 15 No  
Lycae007 Thecla damo Peru MorF 6 No  
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