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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Helic035 Agraulis vanillae lucina Peru 20pcs 30 No  
Helic039 Dione juno Colombia 50pcs 50 Yes
Helic009 Dione juno Peru 30pcs 30 Yes
Helic003 Dryas julia (Dazzling orange) Peru 20pcs 24 No  
Helic013 Eueides aliphera Peru 10pcs 10 No  
Helic020 Eueides isabella Colombia 10pcs 18 No  
Helic012 Godyris duillia Peru 10pcs 15 No  
Helic034 Godyris zavaleta Peru 5pcs 6 No  
Helic008 Heliconius doris aristomache (A-) Peru 7pcs 5.5 No  
Helic015 Heliconius doris eratonius Colombia 10pcs 18 No  
Helic031 Heliconius doris obscurus (A2) Colombia 20pcs 10 No  
Helic002 Heliconius erato lativitta Peru 20pcs 32 No  
Helic026 Heliconius hecale shanki Peru 10pcs 16 No  
Helic018 Heliconius melpomene amaryllis Peru 20pcs 20 No  
Helic010 Heliconius sara thamar Peru 10pcs 12 No  
Helic019 Heliconius telesiphe telesiphe Peru 36pcs 36 No  
Helic007 Heliconius wallacei flavescens Peru 10pcs 10 No  
Helic005 Philaethria dido Peru 10pcs 20 No  
Helic027 Thyridia psidii (Iquitos) Peru 10pcs 12 No  
Helic023 Tithorea harmonia Peru 10pcs 14 No  
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