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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Dy4084 Aegopsis bolboceridus (29mmA2) Brazil M 20 Yes
Aegopsis bolboceridus (28mmA2) Brazil M 15 Yes
Aegopsis bolboceridus (27mmA2) Brazil M 10 Yes
Dy4078 Aegopsis westwoodi (Small) Venezuela M 25 Yes
Dy4024 Agacephala bicuspis (Rare M35mm) Venezuela P 90 Yes
Agacephala bicuspis (Rare 30mmA2) Venezuela M 25 Yes
Dy4089 Agacephala cornigera (33mm) Brazil M 50 Yes
Agacephala cornigera (28mmA-) Brazil M 8 Yes
Agacephala cornigera (27mm) Brazil M 8 Yes
Agacephala cornigera (33mm) Brazil 3M 120 Yes
Agacephala cornigera (32mm) Brazil 4M 120 Yes
Dy4040 Agacephala duponti (Rare 28mm) Brazil M 35 Yes
Dy4103 Agaocephala margaridae (Rare) Brazil P   No  
Dy4062 Brachysiderus minicola (22mmA2) Brazil M 15 Yes
Brachysiderus minicola (20mmA-) Brazil M 15 Yes
Brachysiderus minicola (18mm) Brazil M 10 Yes
Dy4058 Brachysiderus quadrimaculatus Peru 10M 60 Yes
Dy4093 Coelosis biloba Peru 10P 40 No  
Dy4071 Diloboderus abderus Argentina 8M 20 No  
Dy4067 Dynastes granti USA M   No  
Dy4049 Dynastes hercules bleuzeni (+130mmA2) Venezuela M 80 No  
Dy4077 Dynastes hercules ecuatorianus (+125mmA2) Ecuador M 30 No  
Dy4055 Dynastes hercules ecuatorianus (Peru) (+125mm) Peru M 60 No  
Dy4076 Dynastes hercules hercules (Breed) Guadeloupe M   No  
Dy4104 Dynastes hercules lichyi (140mmA2) Venezuela M 40 No  
Dy4036 Dynastes hercules lichyi (Colombia) (+140mmA2) Colombia M 35 No  
Dy4004 Dynastes hercules lichyi (Ecuador) (+140mmA2) Ecuador M 35 No  
Dy4082 Dynastes hercules lichyi (Peru) (+145mmA2) Peru M 45 No  
Dy4005 Dynastes hercules occidentalis (+120mm) Ecuador M 50 No  
Dy4074 Dynastes hercules paschoali (+120mm) Brazil M   No  
Dy4019 Dynastes hercules reidi Sainte-Lucia M   No  
Dy4006 Dynastes hercules septentrionalis (+135mm) Costa Rica M 80 No  
Dy4018 Dynastes hercules trinidadensis Trinidad M   No  
Dy4069 Dynastes hyllus hyllus (65mmA2) Mexico M 30 No  
Dy4045 Dynastes hyllus moroni (+55mm) Mexico M 40 No  
Dy4068 Dynastes maya (+75mmA2) Mexico M 50 Yes
Dy4098 Dynastes neptunus (Colombia) (+125mmA-) Colombia M 72 No  
Dy4054 Dynastes neptunus rouchei (+115mm) Venezuela M 60 No  
Dy4003 Dynastes satanas Bolivia M   No  
Dy4087 Dynastes tityus USA M   No  
Dy4102 Enema pan (Medium,Satipo) Peru 10M 25 Yes
Dy4085 Enema pan (Long Horn) (A-,Satipo) Peru M 8 No  
Dy4022 Golofa aegeon (Medium) Peru 14M 56 No  
Dy4086 Golofa aegeon ssp Peru 10M 35 Yes
Dy4056 Golofa claviger (Satipo L/M/S) Peru 50M 150 Yes
Dy4079 Golofa cochlearis (38~39mmA2) Argentina M 12 Yes
Golofa cochlearis (+25mm) Argentina M 8 Yes
Dy4008 Golofa eacus (Piura) Peru 10M 30 Yes
Dy4051 Golofa imperialis Mexico 5M 25 Yes
Dy4026 Golofa pelagon Peru 10M 35 Yes
Dy4059 Golofa pusillus (Small) Mexico 4M 16 Yes
Dy4060 Golofa spatha (Large) Peru M 12 Yes
Golofa spatha (Large~Medium) Peru 10M 45 Yes
Dy4097 Heterogomphus pehlkei Brazil M 30 No  
Dy4030 Heterogomphus schoenherri (Large) Peru M 12 No  
Dy4035 Heterogomphus whymperi (Small) Venezuela 6P 24 No  
Dy4072 Lycomedes buckleyi Mexico 10M 75 Yes
Dy4012 Lycomedes velutipes (M+30mm) Ecuador P 16 No  
Dy4042 Megaceras jason (A- Medium) Peru M 6 No  
Dy4041 Megaceras morpheus Peru 10M 32 No  
Dy4023 Megasoma actaeon (+110mm) Peru M 30 No  
Megasoma actaeon (Female) (A-) Peru 8F 26 No  
Dy4015 Megasoma anubis (+65mmA1/A-) Brazil M 80 No  
Dy4095 Megasoma cedrosa Mexico M   No  
Dy4010 Megasoma elephas elephas (+115mm) Mexico M   No  
Dy4094 Megasoma gyas porioni (Itabuna,Bahia +95mmA2) Brazil M 40 Yes
Megasoma gyas porioni (Itabuna,Bahia +90mm) Brazil M 70 Yes
Megasoma gyas porioni (Itabuna,Bahia +85mm) Brazil M 60 Yes
Megasoma gyas porioni (Itabuna,Bahia +80mmA2) Brazil M 25 Yes
Megasoma gyas porioni (Itabuna,Bahia +75mm) Brazil M 40 Yes
Dy4083 Megasoma gyas rumbucheri Brazil M   No  
Dy4002 Megasoma janus ramirezorum (+100mmA-) Ecuador M 72 No  
Megasoma janus ramirezorum (Female) Ecuador F 8 No  
Dy4014 Megasoma mars (+85mm) Peru M 20 No  
Megasoma mars (Female) Peru 2F 9 Yes
Dy4025 Megasoma nogueirai (+75mmA2) Mexico M 25 No  
Dy4017 Megasoma occidentalis (+90mmA-) Mexico M 40 No  
Dy4001 Megasoma pachecoi (+35mmA2) Mexico M 10 Yes
Dy4011 Megasoma thersites (+40mmA2) Mexico M 10 No  
Dy4073 Mitracephala humboldti (Small) Peru 10M 25 Yes
Dy4088 Oryctes gigas insulicola (A2) Madagascar P 12 No  
Dy4106 Podischnus sexdentatus Peru 10M 35 Yes
Dy4027 Spodistes grandis (+35mm) Ecuador 5M 70 No  
Dy4057 Spodistes mniszechi Mexico 10P 80 No  
Dy4037 Spodistes monzoni Mexico 10P 80 No  
Dy4046 Strategus aloeus julianus Mexico 3M 15 No  
Dy4044 Strategus longichomperus Mexico 10P 70 No  
Dy4021 Strategus surinamensis Venezuela 10M 40 No  
Dy4101 Strategus validus Paraguay M 10 No  
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