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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Dy4084 Aegopsis bolboceridus (29mmA2) Brazil M 20 Yes
Aegopsis bolboceridus (28mmA2) Brazil M 15 Yes
Aegopsis bolboceridus (27mmA2) Brazil M 10 Yes
Dy4078 Aegopsis westwoodi (Large) Venezuela M 50 Yes
Aegopsis westwoodi (Small) Venezuela M 30 Yes
Aegopsis westwoodi (Medium) Venezuela M 40 Yes
Aegopsis westwoodi Venezuela 5M 125 Yes
Dy4024 Agacephala bicuspis (Rare M35mm) Venezuela P 90 Yes
Agacephala bicuspis (Rare 30mm) Venezuela M 50 Yes
Dy4089 Agacephala cornigera (33mm) Brazil M 50 Yes
Agacephala cornigera (32mm) Brazil M 40 Yes
Agacephala cornigera (29mm) Brazil M 15 Yes
Agacephala cornigera (28mm) Brazil M 10 Yes
Agacephala cornigera (32mm) Brazil 5M 150 Yes
Dy4040 Agacephala duponti (Rare 28mm) Brazil M 35 Yes
Dy4103 Agaocephala margaridae (Rare M+40mm) Brazil P 150 Yes
Agaocephala margaridae (Rare M36/37mm) Brazil P 120 Yes
Agaocephala margaridae (Rare M33/34mm) Brazil P 100 Yes
Dy4062 Brachysiderus minicola (22/23mm) Brazil M 40 Yes
Brachysiderus minicola (20/21mm) Brazil M 25 Yes
Brachysiderus minicola (18mm) Brazil M 15 Yes
Brachysiderus minicola (22/23mm) Brazil 5M 120 Yes
Dy4058 Brachysiderus quadrimaculatus (A2 Large) Peru M 5 No  
Dy4071 Diloboderus abderus Argentina 8M 20 No  
Dy4067 Dynastes granti USA M   No  
Dy4049 Dynastes hercules bleuzeni (+130mmA2) Venezuela M 80 No  
Dy4077 Dynastes hercules ecuatorianus (+125mmA2) Ecuador M 30 No  
Dy4055 Dynastes hercules ecuatorianus (Peru) (+125mm) Peru M 60 No  
Dy4076 Dynastes hercules hercules (Breed) Guadeloupe M   No  
Dy4036 Dynastes hercules lichyi (Colombia) (+140mmA2) Colombia M 35 No  
Dy4004 Dynastes hercules lichyi (Ecuador) (+140mmA2) Ecuador M 35 No  
Dy4082 Dynastes hercules lichyi (Peru) (+145mmA2) Peru M 45 No  
Dy4005 Dynastes hercules occidentalis (+120mm) Ecuador M 50 No  
Dy4074 Dynastes hercules paschoali (+120mm) Brazil M   No  
Dy4019 Dynastes hercules reidi Sainte-Lucia M   No  
Dy4006 Dynastes hercules septentrionalis (+135mm) Costa Rica M 80 No  
Dy4018 Dynastes hercules trinidadensis Trinidad M   No  
Dy4069 Dynastes hyllus hyllus (65mmA2) Mexico M 30 No  
Dy4045 Dynastes hyllus moroni (+55mm) Mexico M 40 No  
Dy4098 Dynastes neptunus (Colombia) (+125mmA-) Colombia M 72 No  
Dy4054 Dynastes neptunus rouchei (+115mm) Venezuela M 60 No  
Dy4003 Dynastes satanas Bolivia M   No  
Dy4087 Dynastes tityus USA M   No  
Dy4085 Enema pan (A2,Long Horn,Satipo) Peru M 5 No  
Enema pan (Medium,Satipo) Peru 10M 25 No  
Dy4022 Golofa aegeon (Large) Peru 10M 60 No  
Dy4056 Golofa claviger (Satipo Large) Peru 10M 36 No  
Dy4079 Golofa cochlearis (38~39mm) Argentina M 25 Yes
Golofa cochlearis (+35mm) Argentina M 18 Yes
Golofa cochlearis (+25mm) Argentina M 8 Yes
Golofa cochlearis (+35mm) Argentina 5M 60 Yes
Dy4008 Golofa eacus (Piura) Peru 10M 25 No  
Dy4051 Golofa imperialis Mexico 10M 50 Yes
Dy4059 Golofa pusillus Mexico M 9 Yes
Golofa pusillus Mexico 10M 55 Yes
Dy4060 Golofa spatha (Medium) Peru M 6 Yes
Golofa spatha (Large) Peru M 12 Yes
Golofa spatha (Large) Peru 10M 60 Yes
Dy4034 Heterogomphus mniszechi (38/39mm) Guatemala M 25 Yes
Dy4097 Heterogomphus pehlkei Brazil M 30 No  
Dy4030 Heterogomphus schoenherri (Large) Peru M 12 No  
Dy4072 Lycomedes buckleyi Ecuador 10P 70 No  
Dy4042 Megaceras jason (A- Medium) Peru M 6 No  
Dy4023 Megasoma actaeon (+110mm) Peru M 30 No  
Megasoma actaeon (Female) (A-) Peru 8F 26 No  
Dy4015 Megasoma anubis (+70mm) Brazil M 100 Yes
Megasoma anubis (+65mm) Brazil M 90 Yes
Megasoma anubis (+60mm) Brazil M 80 Yes
Dy4095 Megasoma cedrosa Mexico M   No  
Dy4010 Megasoma elephas elephas (+115mm) Mexico M   No  
Dy4094 Megasoma gyas porioni (Itabuna,Bahia +85mmA2) Brazil M 25 No  
Dy4002 Megasoma janus ramirezorum (+100mmA-) Ecuador M 72 No  
Megasoma janus ramirezorum (Female) Ecuador F 8 No  
Dy4014 Megasoma mars (+95mm) Peru M 40 No  
Dy4025 Megasoma nogueirai (+75mmA2) Mexico M 25 No  
Dy4017 Megasoma occidentalis (+90mmA-) Mexico M 40 No  
Dy4001 Megasoma pachecoi (+35mm) Mexico M 20 Yes
Megasoma pachecoi (+30mm) Mexico M 15 Yes
Dy4011 Megasoma thersites (+40mmA2) Mexico M 10 No  
Dy4073 Mitracephala humboldti (San Martin) Peru 8M 32 No  
Dy4088 Oryctes gigas insulicola Madagascar P   No  
Dy4027 Spodistes grandis (A2,M+35mm) Ecuador P 18 No  
Dy4057 Spodistes mniszechi (+40mmA2) Mexico M 20 No  
Dy4044 Strategus longichomperus Mexico P 12 No  
Dy4021 Strategus surinamensis Venezuela 10M 35 No  
Dy4101 Strategus validus Paraguay M 10 No  
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