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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Cet3112 Agestrata orichalca augusta (Sulawesi) Indonesia MorF 4 No  
Cet3154 Bombodes ursus Thailand MorF 5 No  
Cet3042 Chalcothea resplendens (E.Java,Green) Indonesia 50pcs 15 No  
Cet3008 Chalcothea resplendens (Java,Blue) Indonesia 10pcs 12 No  
Cet3261 Clerota brahma (Sumatra) Indonesia MorF 4 Yes
Cet3141 Clerota budda (E.Java) Indonesia 20pcs 10 Yes
Cet3169 Clerota budda (Red) (E.Java) Indonesia MorF 4 No  
Cet3084 Clerota rigifica Malaysia 10pcs 14 Yes
Cet3158 Cyphonocephalus olivaceus (Red) India M   No  
Cet3103 Cyphonocephalus olivaceus (Violet) India M   No  
Cyphonocephalus olivaceus (Violet)(Female) India F   No  
Cet3229 Dicheros bicornis decorus (E.Java) Indonesia 10P 30 No  
Cet3001 Dicheros bicornis malayanus Malaysia 4M 20 Yes
Cet3025 Dicranocephalus wallichii wallichii Thailand 18M 45 No  
Cet3104 Herculaisia melaleuca Vietnam P   No  
Cet3119 Herculaisia satanas Vietnam P   No  
Cet3029 Heterorrhina sexmaculata sexmaculata (Sumatra) Indonesia 50pcs 20 No  
Cet3124 Ingrisma euryrrhina (Form C) Thailand M 7 No  
Cet3121 Ingrisma euryrrhina (Black) Thailand 10F 9 No  
Cet3156 Ingrisma euryrrhina (Green) Thailand 6pcs 6 No  
Cet3030 Ischiopsopha bifasciata (Mt.Arfak,W.Irian) Indonesia 10pcs 12 Yes
Cet3077 Ischiopsopha ceramensis (Seram Is.) Indonesia 20pcs 10 Yes
Cet3138 Ischiopsopha jamesi P.N.G. M   No  
Cet3137 Ischiopsopha jamesi coerulea P.N.G. M   No  
Cet3073 Ischiopsopha ritsemae celebensis (Peleng Is.) Indonesia 20pcs 15 No  
Cet3048 Jumnos ferreroiminettique (+45mm) Thailand M 20 Yes
Cet3086 Jumnos ruckeri pfanneri (+35mm) Malaysia M 9 No  
Cet3047 Jumnos ruckeri ruckeri (+45mm) Thailand M 20 No  
Cet3095 Lomaptera mycterophalloides (Misool Is.,W.Irian) Indonesia 10pcs 12 Yes
Cet3152 Megaphonia adolphinae (Fak-Fak,W.Irian) Indonesia 10pcs 10 No  
Cet3140 Melolonthidae sp1 Thailand 20pcs 13 No  
Cet3148 Mixed Cetoniidae Malaysia 50pcs 23 No  
Cet3078 Mycteristes rhinophyllus (E.Java) Indonesia 50M 20 No  
Cet3100 Mycteristes squamosus (Sumatra) Indonesia 5M 5 No  
Cet3134 Mycteristes vollenhoveni (E.Java) Indonesia 10M 15 No  
Cet3221 Mycterophallus xanthopus (Misool Is.,W.Irian) Indonesia 20pcs 15 No  
Cet3159 Narycius opalus India M   No  
Cet3032 Oncosterna celebensis Indonesia 50pcs 15 Yes
Cet3089 Platynocephalus arnaudi Thailand P 15 No  
Cet3085 Platynocephalus miyashitai Thailand P 12 No  
Cet3018 Plectrone tristis (E.Java) Indonesia 20pcs 10 Yes
Cet3083 Polyphulla tonkinensis Thailand 10pcs 12 No  
Cet3031 Rhomborrhina gigantea (Sumatra)(Green) Indonesia 10pcs 18 No  
Cet3093 Rhomborrhina resplendens chatanayi (Green-Blue) Thailand 10pcs 16 No  
Cet3057 Rhomborrhina resplendens chatanayi (Golden) Thailand 10pcs 18 No  
Cet3028 Thaumastopeus striatus striatus (E.Java) Indonesia 13pcs 8 No  
Cet3002 Theodosia antoinei (Kalimantan 40mmA-) Indonesia M 56 No  
Cet3022 Theodosia chewi (Sabah,N.Borneo) Malaysia M   No  
Cet3106 Theodosia howittii (Sarawak) Malaysia M   No  
Cet3049 Theodosia magnifica magnifica (Sabah,N.Borneo) Malaysia M   No  
Cet3013 Theodosia maindoroni maindoroni (W.Sumatra) Indonesia M 7 No  
Cet3024 Theodosia nobuyukii (Kalimantan +25mmA2) Indonesia M 9 No  
Cet3016 Theodosia perakensis perakensis Malaysia M 30 Yes
Cet3003 Theodosia rodriguezi (Palawan,Medium) Philippines M 6 Yes
Theodosia rodriguezi (Palawan) Philippines 10M 40 Yes
Cet3035 Torynorrhina distincta Thailand 10pcs 15 Yes
Cet3060 Torynorrhina flammea flammea (Violet) Thailand P 7 No  
Torynorrhina flammea flammea (Violet) Thailand 10pcs 22 No  
Cet3092 Torynorrhina flammea flammea (Red) Thailand 10pcs 18 Yes
Cet3074 Trichaulax maclaeayi Australia P 25 Yes
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