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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Cer4099 Acalodegma servillei Chile M 25 Yes
Cer4011 Acanthinodera cummingi Chile P 15 No  
Cer4023 Acanthophorus maculatus (F) (+70mm) Tanzania F 6 Yes
Cer4001 Acrocinus longimanus (A2,M+65mm) Peru P 12 No  
Cer4004 Braderochus mundus (+55mm) Venezuela M 16 Yes
Braderochus mundus (+45mmA-) Venezuela M 8 Yes
Cer4007 Callipogon armillatus (+95mmA-) Peru M 12 No  
Callipogon armillatus (+85mm) Peru 9M 63 No  
Callipogon armillatus (F) Peru 10F 55 Yes
Cer4003 Callipogon barbatus (M+70mm) Mexico P   No  
Cer4013 Callipogon cinnamoneus (Iquitos) Peru 10pcs 20 Yes
Cer4087 Ctenoscelis ater (+70mmA-) Peru M 9 No  
Cer4008 Ctenoscelis coeus Brazil M   No  
Cer4046 Hypocephalus armatus (+45mmA-) Brazil M 40 Yes
Cer4069 Macrodontia castroi Honduras M   No  
Cer4006 Macrodontia cervicornis (+145mmA-) Peru M 56 No  
Macrodontia cervicornis (F) (+105mm) Peru F 18 No  
Cer4030 Macrodontia crenata (+60mmA-) Peru M 24 No  
Macrodontia crenata (F) Peru F 25 No  
Cer4019 Macrodontia itayensis (+45mm) Peru M 250 Yes
Cer4070 Mallodon spinibarbis (Iquitos) Peru 10pcs 20 No  
Cer5005 Petrognatha gigas Ivory-coast P   No  
Cer4043 Physopleurus rugosus (+55mm) Peru M 6 No  
Cer4044 Prionocalus cacicus (+60mm) Peru M 10 Yes
Prionocalus cacicus (+55mm) Peru M 8 Yes
Prionocalus cacicus (+60mm) Peru 10M 60 Yes
Prionocalus cacicus (+45mm) Peru 10M 30 Yes
Cer4040 Psalidognathus friendi (Small) Peru M 5 No  
Psalidognathus friendi (F) Peru F 6 No  
Cer4048 Psalidognathus friendi (Green) (Large) Peru P 16 No  
Cer4071 Psalidognathus friendi (Red) (A2 Large) Peru M 6 No  
Cer4002 Titanus giganteus (Largest of the world +110mm) Peru M 60 No  
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