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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Cer3290 Acanthophorus serraticornis S.India M   No  
Cer3018 Acronia alboplagiata (Mindanao) Philippines MorF 6 Yes
Cer3139 Anoplophora birmanica (Medium) Thailand P 8 No  
Cer3095 Anoplophora graafi (Sumatra) Indonesia 9pcs 36 No  
Cer3183 Anoplophora granata Thailand 10pcs 16 No  
Cer3282 Anoplophora longehisuta (A2) Malaysia M 4 No  
Cer3040 Anoplophora medenbachii (Sumatra) Indonesia 10pcs 20 No  
Cer3241 Aphrodisium cantori (A2) Thailand M 8 No  
Cer3192 Aphrodisium faldermannii Thailand M 5 No  
Cer3101 Apriona flavescens Malaysia 10pcs 16 Yes
Cer3275 Apriona marcusiana (Rare +50mm) Malaysia F 60 Yes
Cer3104 Batocera celebiana (Sulawesi) Indonesia 10pcs 20 Yes
Cer3096 Batocera gerstaeckeri (Peleng Is.) Indonesia 6pcs 18 No  
Cer3098 Batocera gigas (W.Java) Indonesia 10pcs 15 No  
Cer3072 Batocera kibleri (Guadalcanal Is.) Solomon M   No  
Cer3057 Batocera laena gracilis (Kei Is.) Indonesia 10M 20 No  
Cer3220 Batocera lamondi (Malaita Is.) Solomon M   No  
Cer3091 Batocera lombokiana (Lombok Is.) Indonesia 10pcs 35 No  
Cer3228 Batocera numitor ferruginea Malaysia 2F 3 No  
Cer3016 Batocera numitor javanica (E.Java) Indonesia 12pcs 18 No  
Cer3245 Batocera parryi Malaysia 4F 6 Yes
Cer3219 Batocera porioni (Makira Is.) Solomon P   No  
Cer3134 Batocera roylei (+55mm) Thailand M 9 No  
Cer3113 Batocera rubus immaculipennis Malaysia 10P 20 Yes
Cer3041 Batocera thomae orcus (Seram Is.) Indonesia 10F 30 Yes
Cer3033 Batocera tigris tigris Malaysia 9pcs 30 Yes
Cer3246 Batocera victoriana victoriana Malaysia 10P 60 Yes
Cer3296 Batocera wallacei (Mt.Arfak,W.Irian) Indonesia 10P 80 No  
Cer3056 Batocera wallacei proserpina (Kei Is.) Indonesia 10F 25 No  
Cer3028 Bradycnemis velutina (Sabah,N.Borneo 55mm) Malaysia MorF   No  
Cer3138 Calloplophora graafi Malaysia M 12 No  
Cer3175 Calothyrza margaritifera Thailand MorF 15 No  
Cer3140 Celosterna pollinosa Thailand M 7 No  
Cer3254 Cerambycidae sp1 (Rare) Malaysia MorF 20 No  
Cer3252 Cerambycidae sp15 (Rare) Malaysia MorF 25 Yes
Cer3279 Cerambycidae sp39 Malaysia MorF 8 Yes
Cer3250 Cerambycidae sp7 Malaysia MorF 8 Yes
Cer3012 Chloridolum promissum (Sulawesi) Indonesia 8pcs 16 No  
Cer3243 Diastocera wallichi tonkinensis Thailand 10P 16 Yes
Cer3060 Dorysthenes buqueti (Large) Thailand 10M 20 No  
Cer3021 Dorysthenes walkeri (Large) Thailand 6M 12 No  
Cer3135 Euchtonia superba (Sabah,N.Borneo) Malaysia F   No  
Cer3153 Eutaenia tanoi Malaysia 10pcs 25 Yes
Cer3330 Glenea celestis (A2,Sulawesi) Indonesia 10pcs 10 No  
Cer3148 Huedepohliana constanzae (Rare) Malaysia F 20 No  
Cer3128 Huedepohliana menzeli (2-year Period +60mmA-) Malaysia M 50 Yes
Huedepohliana menzeli (2-year Period 55mmA2) Malaysia M 25 Yes
Huedepohliana menzeli (2-year Period +50mmA2) Malaysia M 20 Yes
Cer3304 Macrotoma fisheri Thailand 10pcs 20 Yes
Cer3007 Macrotoma pascoei pascoei (E.Java) Indonesia 10pcs 20 No  
Cer3253 Megacriodes itzingeri (Rare) Malaysia F 15 Yes
Cer3214 Milothris irrorata (E.Java) Indonesia 10pcs 8 Yes
Cer3037 Mixed Cerambycidae (Nice Species) Malaysia 10pcs 50 Yes
Cer3044 Mixed Cerambycidae Malaysia 10pcs 10 Yes
Cer3165 Mocornuscoparia chausoti (A2) Malaysia 10pcs 10 Yes
Cer3024 Nemophas bifasciatus (Sulawesi) Indonesia 10F 10 No  
Cer3065 Nemophas forbesi (Tanimbar Is.) Indonesia 10pcs 25 No  
Cer3003 Nemophas tricolor (Sulawesi) Indonesia 9M+6F 30 No  
Cer3342 Nemophas trifasciatus (Kei Is. M+35mm) Indonesia P 12 No  
Cer3129 Neocerambyx gigas Thailand F 5 Yes
Cer3099 Pachyteria javana (E.Java) Indonesia 10pcs 10 Yes
Cer3151 Paraleprodera sp2 Malaysia P 6 Yes
Cer3049 Potemnemus sp (Mt.Arfak,W.Irian) Indonesia 10pcs 20 Yes
Cer3089 Prionomma javanum (W.Java) Indonesia 5pcs 5 No  
Cer3130 Pseudommeges marmoratus (M+75mm,F+75mm) Thailand P 20 No  
Cer3111 Pseudomyagrus waterhousei (A2) Malaysia 10pcs 25 No  
Cer3058 Rosenbergia gilmouri P.N.G. F   No  
Cer3221 Rosenbergia lactiflua Solomon M   No  
Cer3010 Rosenbergia straussi P.N.G. P 5 No  
Cer3008 Rosenbergia weiskei P.N.G. M   No  
Cer3394 Scalenus sp (Rare,Luzon) Philippines M 6 Yes
Cer3004 Sphingnotus mirabilis (A2,Mt.Arfak,W.Irian) Indonesia 4pcs 4 No  
Cer3155 Stratioceros princeps Thailand MorF 25 No  
Cer3094 Tmesisternus rafaelae (Sulawesi) Indonesia 10pcs 20 No  
Cer3074 Xixuthrus costatus (Malaita Is.) Solomon M   No  
Cer3238 Xixuthrus helleri (Fak-Fak,W.Irian) Indonesia M   No  
Cer3240 Xixuthrus microcerus lunicollis (Buru Is.) (+95mm) Indonesia M 20 Yes
Xixuthrus microcerus lunicollis (Buru Is.) (+95mmA-) Indonesia F 16 Yes
Xixuthrus microcerus lunicollis (Buru Is.) (+90mm) Indonesia M 16 Yes
Xixuthrus microcerus lunicollis (Buru Is.) (+85mmA2) Indonesia F 6 Yes
Xixuthrus microcerus lunicollis (Buru Is.) (+85mm) Indonesia M 12 Yes
Xixuthrus microcerus lunicollis (Buru Is.) (+80mm) Indonesia M 10 Yes
Xixuthrus microcerus lunicollis (Buru Is.) (+70mm) Indonesia M 6 No  
Xixuthrus microcerus lunicollis (Buru Is.) (+65mm) Indonesia M 5 Yes
Xixuthrus microcerus lunicollis (Buru Is.) (+100mm) Indonesia F 25 Yes
Cer3244 Xixuthrus microcerus microcerus Malaysia 10pcs 28 Yes
Cer3131 Xylorhiza adusta Malaysia 10pcs 16 Yes
Cer3378 Xystrocera festiva Malaysia 10pcs 10 Yes
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