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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Bird007 Aegithina tiphia (12cm) Indonesia 10pcs 60 No  
Bird017 Aegithina tiphia (Skeleton) Indonesia 10pcs 60 No  
Bird046 Amarournis phoenicus (Skeleton) Indonesia MorF 15 No  
Bird043 Collocalia fuciphaga (Skeleton) Indonesia 10pcs 60 No  
Bird019 Coturnix coturnix japonica (Skeleton) Indonesia 10pcs 70 No  
Bird035 Dicaeum trigonostigma Indonesia F 6 No  
Bird008 Lalage sueurii Indonesia MorF 8 No  
Bird050 Lonchura leucogastroides (Skeleton) Indonesia 10pcs 60 No  
Bird027 Lonchura punctulata (Skeleton) Indonesia 10pcs 60 No  
Bird045 Lophozosterus javanicus (Skeleton) Indonesia 10pcs 60 No  
Bird023 Meiglyptes tristis (Skeleton) (A2) Indonesia MorF 5 No  
Bird048 Orthotomus ruficeps (Skeleton) Indonesia 15pcs 90 No  
Bird003 Passer montanus (Skeleton) Indonesia 9pcs 54 No  
Bird029 Prinia inornata (Skeleton) Indonesia 3pcs 18 No  
Bird016 Pycnonotus aurigaster (Skeleton) Indonesia 3pcs 24 No  
Bird024 Treron sp (Skeleton) Indonesia MorF 18 No  
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