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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Amath011 Amathusia phidippus phidippus Malaysia 32pcs 32 No  
Amath003 Amathuxidia amythaon dilucida Malaysia 10M 45 No  
Amath016 Discophora timora perakensis Malaysia 11pcs 22 No  
Amath024 Enispe intermedia corbeti Malaysia 3M 12 No  
Amath014 Neorina lowii neophyta Malaysia 10pcs 10 No  
Amath017 Taenaris artemis (Mt.Arfak,W.Irian) Indonesia 5pcs 12.5 No  
Amath021 Taenaris horsfieldii horsfieldii (W.Java) Indonesia 18pcs 45 No  
Amath007 Taenaris urania (Seram Is.) Indonesia 10pcs 25 No  
Amath001 Thaumantis odana pishuna Malaysia 12M 48 No  
Amath009 Thauria aliris pseudaliris Malaysia 7pcs 12 No  
Amath004 Zeuxidia amethystus amethystus Malaysia 10M 45 No  
Amath006 Zeuxidia aurelius aurelius Malaysia 10M 45 No  
Zeuxidia aurelius aurelius Malaysia 5F 40 No  
Amath005 Zeuxidia doubledayi doubledayi Malaysia 10M 45 No  
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