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March  13 , 2024 Please enter in the quantity.    
Family Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Bat Bat011 Cynopterus brachyotis (Hanging) Indonesia 10pcs 45 Yes
Bat Bat013 Eonycteris spelaea (Hanging) Indonesia 10pcs 45 Yes
Bat Bat053 Eonycteris spelaea (Skull) Indonesia 8pcs 20 Yes
Bat Bat044 Hipposideros bicolor (Skull) Indonesia 10pcs 20 Yes
Bat Bat009 Hipposideros diadema (Hanging) Indonesia 10pcs 60 Yes
Bat Bat119 Rhinolophus creaghi (Spread,Wingspan ~20cm) Indonesia 10pcs 60 Yes
Brassolidae Brass026 Caligo illioneus oberon Colombia 10M 42 Yes
Brassolidae Caligo illioneus oberon Colombia 10F 42 Yes
Buprestidae Bup3133 Belionota sumptuosa (A2) (Morotai Is.) Indonesia 10pcs 7 Yes
Buprestidae Bup3065 Chrysochroa fulminans fulminans (E.Java) Indonesia 50pcs 15 Yes
Carabidae Car3002 Mormolyce phyllodes (Sumatra) (Violin +95mm) Indonesia 6pcs 24 Yes
Carabidae Mormolyce phyllodes (Sumatra) (Violin +90mm) Indonesia 10pcs 30 Yes
Carabidae Mormolyce phyllodes (Sumatra) (Violin +80~+85mmA-) Indonesia 10pcs 18 Yes
Carabidae Mormolyce phyllodes (Sumatra) (Violin +100mm) Indonesia 10pcs 60 Yes
Cerambycidae Cer3104 Batocera celebiana (Sulawesi) Indonesia 10M 20 Yes
Cerambycidae Batocera celebiana (Sulawesi) Indonesia 10P 35 Yes
Cerambycidae Cer3044 Batocera timorlautensis (A-,Tanimbar Is.) Indonesia 3F 8 No  
Cerambycidae Cer4067 Tragocephala jucunda Madagascar 10pcs 30 Yes
Cetoniidae Cet5136 Euchroea auripimenta (A2) Madagascar 10pcs 10 Yes
Cetoniidae Cet5133 Euchroea clementi riphaeus Madagascar 10pcs 18 Yes
Cetoniidae Euchroea clementi riphaeus Madagascar 30pcs 40 Yes
Cetoniidae Cet5138 Euchroea episcopalis Madagascar 30pcs 24 Yes
Curculionidae Cur062 Rhinoscapha dohrni (A2,Morotai Is.) Indonesia 10pcs 8 Yes
Curculionidae Cur090 Trachelophorus giraffa (Cute !!) Madagascar 10P 25 Yes
Dynastidae Dy3078 Xylotrupes gideon siamensis Thailand 50M 90 Yes
Heliconidae Helic039 Dione juno Colombia 10pcs 12 Yes
Hemiptera Hem21 Nepa rubra (E.Java,Spread) Indonesia 10pcs 22 Yes
Homoptera Hom142 Bythopsyrna circulata Malaysia 30pcs 30 Yes
Homoptera Hom160 Bythopsyrna circulata (Spread) Indonesia 50pcs 40 Yes
Homoptera Hom142 Bythopsyrna circulata Malaysia 10pcs 14 Yes
Homoptera Hom015 Fulgora laternaria laternaria (Closed) Peru 10pcs 60 No  
Homoptera Hom017 Huechys sanguinea (A-,Spread) Indonesia 100pcs 70 Yes
Homoptera Hom134 Pyrops gunjii (A-) (Spread,Kalimantan) Indonesia 10pcs 30 Yes
Homoptera Hom005 Tosena albata (A2,Spread,E.Java) Indonesia 6pcs 6 Yes
Homoptera Hom014 Tosena splendida (Spread) Thailand 10pcs 22 Yes
Homoptera Tosena splendida (Spread) Thailand 50pcs 100 Yes
Hymenoptera Hym51 Scolia affinis (Spread,Peleng Is.) Indonesia 10F 12 Yes
Hymenoptera Hym18 Xylocopa caerulea (Spread,W.Java) Indonesia 50M 65 Yes
Hymenoptera Xylocopa caerulea (Spread,W.Java) Indonesia 10M 16 Yes
Hymenoptera Xylocopa caerulea (Spread,W.Java) Indonesia 10F 20 Yes
Hymenoptera Xylocopa caerulea (Spread,W.Java) Indonesia 100F 160 Yes
Lucanidae Lu3168 Dorcus alcides (Short Horn) (Sumatra +60~+65mm) Indonesia 50M 60 Yes
Lucanidae Dorcus alcides (Short Horn) (Sumatra +50~+55mm) Indonesia 62M 50 Yes
Lucanidae Lu3112 Dorcus taurus taurus (Sumatra) Indonesia 100M 65 Yes
Lucanidae Lu3050 Lamprima adolphinae (Mt.Arfak,W.Irian +40mm) Indonesia 10M 16 Yes
Lucanidae Lamprima adolphinae (Mt.Arfak,W.Irian +40~+45mm) Indonesia 100M 120 Yes
Lucanidae Lu3011 Odontolabis sarasinorum (Sulawesi,Telodonte +45mm) Indonesia 10M 25 Yes
Lucanidae Odontolabis sarasinorum (Sulawesi,Telodonte +40mm) Indonesia 10M 16 Yes
Lucanidae Lu3298 Prosopocoilus lateralis lorquinii (Sulawesi +30~+35mm) Indonesia 10M 12 Yes
Lucanidae Lu4002 Sphaenognathus feisthameli (4 eyes ! -70mm) Peru 30M 90 Yes
Lucanidae Sphaenognathus feisthameli (4 eyes ! +70mm) Peru 10M 50 Yes
Mantidae Man080 Idolomantis diabolica (Giant Devil's Flower Mantis) Tanzania 5F 65 Yes
Mantidae Idolomantis diabolica (Giant Devil's Flower Mantis) Tanzania 20F 200 Yes
Mixed Mixed01 Mixed butterflies Malaysia 500pcs 140 Yes
Mixed Mixed butterflies Malaysia 100pcs 35 Yes
Moth Moth4001 Argema mittrei Madagascar 10F 90 Yes
Nymphalidae Nymph4018 Agrias beata beatifica Peru 10pcs 60 Yes
Nymphalidae Agrias beata beatifica Peru 30pcs 150 Yes
Nymphalidae Nymph3044 Charaxes aristogiton aristogiton Thailand 20pcs 16 Yes
Nymphalidae Nymph3020 Hypolimnas bolina philippensis (Marinduque Is.) Philippines 20pcs 12 Yes
Nymphalidae Nymph3047 Polyura cognatus cognatus (A-,Sulawesi) Indonesia 4pcs 14 Yes
Orthoptera Orth69 Mixed grasshopper (A2,Spread) Malaysia 6pcs 15 Yes
Papilionidae Papilio3098 Papilio albinus (Mt.Arfak,W.Irian) Indonesia 50M 50 Yes
Papilionidae Papilio albinus (Mt.Arfak,W.Irian) Indonesia 10pcs 12 Yes
Papilionidae Papilio3075 Papilio ambrax lutosa (Mt.Arfak,W.Irian) Indonesia 10M 20 Yes
Papilionidae Papilio3093 Papilio helenus helenus Thailand 20pcs 16 Yes
Phasmidae Pha3092 Neopromachus arfacianus (Mt.Arfak,W.Irian) Indonesia 10pcs 40 Yes
Pieridae Pier3008 Appias nero zarinda (Sulawesi) Indonesia 100pcs 65 No  
Spider Other94 Mixed Various (Sulawesi) Indonesia 100pcs 20 Yes
Spider Other165 Mixed Various (Sumatra) Indonesia 100pcs 25 Yes
Spider Other15 Neurobasis chinensis (Spread,W.Java) Indonesia 10M 16 Yes
Spider Neurobasis chinensis (A2,Spread,W.Java) Indonesia 50M 30 Yes
December  5 , 2023 Please enter in the quantity.    
Family Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Bat Bat043 Miniopterus medius (Skull) Indonesia 6pcs 12 Yes
Buprestidae Bup5014 Amblysterna natalensis Tanzania 10pcs 16 Yes
Buprestidae Bup3069 Cyphogastra rollei (Moa Is.) Indonesia 10pcs 12 Yes
Buprestidae Cyphogastra rollei (Moa Is.) Indonesia 50pcs 50 Yes
Buprestidae Bup5035 Sternocera orissa luctifera Tanzania 10pcs 25 Yes
Cetoniidae Cet5032 Dicronorhina derbyana oberthueri Tanzania 10M 22 Yes
Cetoniidae Cet5135 Euchroea coelestis coelestis (A2) Madagascar 10pcs 10 Yes
Cetoniidae Cet5059 Neptunides polychrous polychrous (Green-Brown) Tanzania 10P 25 Yes
Cetoniidae Cet5072 Pachnoda aemula Tanzania 10pcs 16 Yes
Cetoniidae Cet3027 Protaetia celebica (Sulawesi) Indonesia 100pcs 30 Yes
Cetoniidae Cet5048 Stephanorrhina princeps princeps Tanzania 10P 25 Yes
Dynastidae Dy4028 Heterogomphus hirtus (Small) Peru 10M 20 Yes
Dynastidae Heterogomphus hirtus (Small) Peru 30M 40 Yes
Dynastidae Dy3021 Trichogomphus lunicollis alcides (Kalimantan Medium) Indonesia 5M 20 No  
Dynastidae Trichogomphus lunicollis alcides (Kalimantan) Indonesia 10F 6 Yes
Heliconidae Helic020 Eueides isabella (A2) Colombia 15pcs 15 No  
Hemiptera Hem01 Oncomeris flavicornis (A2) (Mt.Arfak,W.Irian) Indonesia 30pcs 25 Yes
Homoptera Hom124 Gigantorhobdus enderleine Malaysia 10pcs 20 Yes
Homoptera Hom051 Penthicodes variegata (A2,Spread) Malaysia 34pcs 17 Yes
Lucanidae Lu3109 Dorcus intermedius intermedius (Mt.Arfak,W.Irian) Indonesia 20M 16 Yes
Lucanidae Lu3096 Dorcus ternatensis (Halmahera) Indonesia 10M 18 Yes
Lucanidae Lu3014 Odontolabis imperialis komorii (Palawan,Telodonte +60mm) Philippines 5M 50 Yes
Lucanidae Lu3144 Prosopocoilus astacoides cinnamomeus (Sumatra +50~+55mm) Indonesia 10M 16 Yes
Lucanidae Lu4014 Prosopocoilus umhangi Tanzania 10M 30 Yes
Lucanidae Prosopocoilus umhangi Tanzania 30M 80 Yes
Moth Moth3135 Milionia stueningi (W.Java) Indonesia 10pcs 30 Yes
Moth Milionia stueningi (W.Java) Indonesia 30pcs 75 Yes
Nymphalidae Nymph4059 Salamis anteva Madagascar 3pcs 5.5 Yes
Phasmidae Pha3089 Gargantuoidea lampetia (A2,Spread,Kalimantan) Indonesia 10M 10 Yes
Pieridae Pier3086 Eurema hecabe (Sumatra) Indonesia 500pcs 90 Yes
Pieridae Eurema hecabe (Sumatra) Indonesia 100pcs 25 Yes
Rutelidae Rut3031 Dicaulocephalus tetsuoi Laos 10M 35 Yes
Spider Other80 Brachypelma vagans (Red Rump) Peru 10pcs 60 Yes
Trictenotomidae Tri006 Trictenotoma formosana Taiwan 10pcs 35 Yes

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