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You can use our online shopping web site. Please note - you must enable Cookies
and JavaScript on your browser to take advantage of our Online Shopping System.
Otherwise you can e-mail us your order at :

E-mail : Huang@insect-sale.com
Website : https://www.insect-sale.com
D&B D-U-N-S® Number : 658089243
Fang-Ying Huang
Po. Box 70 , Chia-yi city , Taiwan 600 R.O.C.

We do not sell/buy any live insects or protected species within Taiwan.

The products we have can be purchased through on-line order from this website only.
We do not have other stores displaying the products we sell.

We do not accept any pre-orders for specimen nor do we search for any specimen for you.
Product status is either in-stock or sold out. Please refer to the "Insect Price List" of website menu.
We are not sure when sold out specimens will arrive again. Don't write us, please. We will not reply to you. We appreciate your understanding!

All species are dead, dried and guaranteed A1 quality (unless noted otherwise) ,
and presented unprepared, identified, dated and located.
Photograph size does not indicate the insects' actual size, and color may vary slightly due to photographic equipment lighting.

Abbreviation : M = Male , F = Female , P = Pair ( M+F )

All prices are in U.S. DOLLARS (American dollars).
The minimum order is US$100.

Discount : (Not including Special Offer)
- 10% on each order over US$1000.00
- 15% on each order over US$2000.00

Postage ( EMS Speedpost ) & Package :
The postage (stamp charges) is paid by the customer.
1. Asia : US$20.00 (within 1 Vol.wt. KG)
2. America : US$45.00 (within 1 Vol.wt. KG)
3. Europe : US$35.00 (within 1 Vol.wt. KG)

Payment Methods :
1.     **Recommended
  • Using PayPal to make payments is very easy. You can pay via PayPal with your credit card without having to register as a member or create an account.
  • We will charge an additional 5% processing fee of the total order amount.
  • We will include a PayPal online payment link that redirects you to the website to make the payments when we e-mail you the official Pro-forma Invoice.
2. Bank Transfer
  • We will charge an additional US$20 processing fee for each order regardless of its amount.
  • We will include our bank account information for you to make the payments when we e-mail you the official Pro-forma Invoice.
  • Upon receiving your online purchase order, we will e-mail you an official Pro-forma Invoice depending on our on-hand inventory balance of products.
  • We will preserve your ordered products for five days, but the order is automatically cancelled when the due date for payment expires. Please do not repudiate an order. If it happens, we will have no further dealings with you. No further modification for the content of a submitted on-line order as far as possible lest the priority of your order will be delayed. Thank you.
  • When your payment received, all ordered specimens of insects would be mailed via the international air EMS Speedpost as quickly as possible. The specimens, in general, will be delivered to the destination within 5~7 days.
How to use our online shopping cart system?
1. Enter in the quantity of specimens you would like to buy.
 For Example :       
Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Cet5110 Goliathus goliatus (101mmA-) RCA M 108 Yes
Lu3004 Dorcus titanus typhon (Sulawesi) (99mm) Indonesia M 80 Yes
Phy001 Phyllium giganteum (Largest of the world) Malaysia 20F 320 Yes

2. Then click on the button, and your select item(s) will be put in
    the Shopping Cart automatically.
3. After making your final selection, click on the Order Form .
4. Fill in the Order-Form. Then, click on the button to send your shopping list.
    Notice: The personal information form for an on-line order will be automatically displayed when the minimal
    ordered amount is exceeded.

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