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Code Latin-Name Locality Sex US$ Stock Buy
Nymph4020 Adelpha mesentina Peru 10pcs 10 Yes
Nymph4035 Adelpha phylaca Peru 10pcs 9 Yes
Nymph4014 Agrias amydon tryphon Peru M 12 No  
Nymph4030 Agrias beata beata (A-,Satipo) Peru M 24 No  
Agrias beata beata (Satipo) Peru F 80 Yes
Nymph4042 Agrias beata stuarti (A-) Peru M 48 No  
Nymph4013 Agrias claudina lugens Peru M 12 No  
Nymph4043 Anaea tyrianthina Peru M 12 No  
Anaea tyrianthina (F) Peru F 25 Yes
Anaea tyrianthina (F) Peru 5F 75 Yes
Nymph4029 Anaea xenocles Peru 10M 10 Yes
Nymph4026 Asterope leprieuri philotima Peru 10M 25 No  
Nymph4008 Callicore hystaspes Peru 10pcs 12 No  
Nymph4267 Charaxes acraeoides (A2) RCA M 20 Yes
Nymph4131 Charaxes ameliae RCA 14M 35 No  
Nymph4145 Charaxes brutus angustus RCA 20M 15 Yes
Nymph4056 Charaxes candiope RCA 50M 50 Yes
Charaxes candiope RCA 10M 12 Yes
Nymph4144 Charaxes castor RCA 10M 20 No  
Nymph4135 Charaxes etesipe etesipe RCA 20M 12 Yes
Nymph4134 Charaxes hildebrandti hildebrandti RCA 20M 10 Yes
Nymph4151 Charaxes laodice RCA 10M 12 Yes
Nymph4146 Charaxes lucretius intermedius RCA 20M 10 Yes
Charaxes lucretius intermedius RCA 100M 40 Yes
Nymph4149 Charaxes nichetes (A2) RCA 10M 15 Yes
Nymph4124 Charaxes nobilis nobilis (A2) RCA M 6 Yes
Charaxes nobilis nobilis (A2) RCA 10M 45 Yes
Nymph4152 Charaxes numenes RCA 10M 12 Yes
Nymph4150 Charaxes paphianus RCA 20pcs 10 Yes
Nymph4138 Charaxes protoclea protoclea RCA 10M 12 Yes
Nymph4127 Charaxes smaragdalis RCA 10M 18 Yes
Nymph4137 Charaxes subornatus RCA 20M 12 Yes
Nymph4133 Charaxes tiridates RCA 20M 12 Yes
Nymph4125 Charaxes zingha RCA 10M 30 Yes
Nymph4067 Colobura dirce Peru 10pcs 10 Yes
Nymph4165 Cymothoe beckeri RCA P 6 Yes
Cymothoe beckeri RCA 10M 18 Yes
Nymph4156 Cymothoe capella RCA 10M 12 Yes
Nymph4164 Cymothoe consanguis RCA 20M 10 No  
Nymph4154 Cymothoe diphia RCA 20M 10 Yes
Nymph4187 Cymothoe excelsa RCA 20M 15 No  
Nymph4157 Cymothoe lurida RCA 6M 8 Yes
Nymph4155 Cymothoe reinholdi RCA 20pcs 15 No  
Nymph4168 Cymothoe sangaris RCA 10M 15 Yes
Nymph4009 Diaethria clymena Peru 100pcs 85 Yes
Diaethria clymena Peru 10pcs 12 Yes
Diaethria clymena Peru 50pcs 50 Yes
Nymph4253 Diaethria neglecta Peru 50pcs 50 Yes
Diaethria neglecta Peru 100pcs 80 Yes
Diaethria neglecta Peru 10pcs 12 Yes
Nymph4237 Euxanthe eurinome RCA M 4 Yes
Euxanthe eurinome RCA 10pcs 20 Yes
Nymph4232 Euxanthe trajanus (A2) RCA 10M 20 Yes
Nymph4057 Historis odius orion Peru 10M 12 Yes
Nymph4022 Hypanartia lethe Peru 10pcs 10 Yes
Nymph4175 Hypolimnas bartelotti RCA 20M 12 Yes
Nymph4016 Hypolimnas dexithea (A-) Madagascar 10pcs 30 No  
Nymph4173 Hypolimnas dubius RCA 20M 12 Yes
Nymph4189 Hypolimnas monteironis (A2) RCA 2M 5 Yes
Nymph4275 Kallima cymodoce RCA 5pcs 15 No  
Nymph4001 Napeocles jucunda Peru 10pcs 35 No  
Nymph4206 Palla ussheri RCA 50M 45 Yes
Palla ussheri RCA 10M 12 Yes
Nymph4028 Panacea prola (Cusco) Peru 10M 15 No  
Nymph4252 Paulogramma peristera Peru 10pcs 12 No  
Nymph4047 Prepona demophon demophon (Satipo) Peru F 12 Yes
Prepona demophon demophon (Satipo) Peru 18M 45 No  
Nymph4061 Prepona dexamenes Peru 11M 28 No  
Nymph4249 Pseudacraea clarki clarki RCA 10M 12 No  
Nymph4245 Pseudacraea clarki egina RCA 10M 12 Yes
Nymph4243 Pseudacraea lucretia RCA 20M 12 Yes
Nymph4244 Pseudacraea tarquinius RCA 20M 12 Yes
Nymph4089 Pyrrhogyra otalais Peru 50pcs 40 Yes
Pyrrhogyra otalais Peru 10pcs 10 Yes
Nymph4082 Siderone marthesia Peru M 15 Yes
Nymph4027 Siproeta epaphus Peru 10pcs 12 Yes
Nymph4004 Victorina stelenes Peru 10pcs 15 No  
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